WOW! Warmonger and Dirtbag Reporter Jennifer Griffin Jumps the Shark! Compares Putin’s Speech to Hitler on Eve of World War II (VIDEO)

Warmonger Jennifer Griffin finally comes unglued.
Far left journalist Jeffrey Goldberg posted a ridiculous hit piece on President Trump back in September in The Atlantic.  Of course, the horrendous hit piece was based on entirely anonymous sources.  It was a complete fabrication.  But the fake news media and Jennifer Griffin ran with it anyway.

In the garbage report, Goldberg used anonymous sources to accuse President Trump of disparaging US veterans and war heroes on the Anniversary of World War II.

This was an ugly piece. One attack on President Trump for not attending a World War I cemetery in France was debunked years ago by the White House but Goldberg decided to run the smear anyway.

Brittany Jacobs (left) watches as her 6-year-old son Christian meets President Trump in Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery. The boy’s father, Marine Sgt. Christopher Jacobs, was killed in 2011.

President Trump addressed the smears on Thursday night when returning from another massive campaign event in Pennsylvania.

President Trump denied the ridiculous reports saying the report was “unthinkable.”

FOX News reporter Jennifer Griffin later jumped in to push the disgusting lies against President Trump. Her source was reportedly a second-hand account. She ran with it anyway.

What horrible people! They completely made up the story to bring Trump down.

On Monday night warmonger Jennifer Griffin finally jumped the shark. The FOX News military “expert” all but called for War on Russia in her opening screed on Hannity.

This was embarrassing, even for Jennifer Griffin.

Jennifer Griffin: Sean how we got to this point is a long story and it predates the Biden administration (No, it doesn’t). It goes back and includes mistakes made by every US president since the Soviet Union fell apart. (Not true.)… We are where we are tonight with Europe on the edge of war, a sovereign country Ukraine, being invaded by an expansionist power with a megalomaniacal leader who rose to power 20 years ago and never let go… Something changed in Putin… Putin’s televised speech to the nation, a chilling, distorted history lesson in which he outlined why he does not believe Ukraine has the right to exist as a separate nation… Putin has made his opening gambit… This was a cold and calculated speech today. The kind of speech reminiscent of those delivered on the eve of World War II before Hitler invaded Poland… The kind of blitzkrieg invasion that most senior US officials believe is coming will have many unintended consequences and should be a concern to every American.

That was just crazy!

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