Wisconsin’s Sheboygan County Republicans Pass Resolution Calling for Vote of No Confidence for Speaker Vos and Demand His Removal or Resignation

The Republican Party in Sheboygan County has had it with Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos. On Saturday these Republicans passed a resolution calling out all of the many corrupt actions by Speaker Vos and his attempts to cover up the fraudulent 2020 Election results in the state.  This group is calling for his removal and/or resignation in the Wisconsin House.

We’ve reported on Speaker Vos for more than a year.  He promised from the day after the 2020 Election to get to the bottom of the fraudulent results in Wisconsin, but he never did.  We eventually found out that one of his best friends was Trump-hater Paul Ryan.

Now We Know Why Wisconsin’s Speaker Vos Does Not Want the 2020 Election Forensically Audited

As the days and months passed we found out more about Speaker Vos.  He was behind the drop boxes in the state and across the country in the 2020 Election.  These things appear to be magnets for fraud, yet Vos wants more drop boxes in the next election.  President Trump and the rest of the country couldn’t believe Vos’s actions.

BREAKING: President Trump Issues Statement in Response to GP’s Report on Wisconsin Speaker Vos’s Attempts to Increase Drop Boxes in Elections in the State

The Republicans in Sheboygan County have had enough of Speaker Vos.  They are calling for his resignation and replacement.  This is based on many actions that they list eloquently in their list of complaints.

Robin Vos has to go!

We’ll see if more counties around the state follow Sheboygan County.  Robin Vos is part of the 2020 Election Steal and a major player in its coverup.  If he had integrity he would resign.

Update: Reports from the meeting are that the vote was unanimous, people for livid with Speaker Vos, the only vote against was from the local Representative Terry Katsma.

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