WATCH: Rep. Madison Cawthorn Says He May Be Barred From Running For Re-Election

North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn says that there is a legitimate chance that he may be barred from running for re-election.

Rep. Cawthorn discussed the effort to stop his campaign during an appearance on Tucker Carlson on Monday evening.

We reported on this effort by the left and spearheaded by Mark Elias earlier this month.

In December Marc Elias Announced Marxist Tactic to Prevent GOP Reps from Getting on Ballot — Last Week Democrats Enacted this Communist Tactic Against Rep. Madison Cawthorn

As Tucker and Rep. Cawthorn discussed, Democrat may have a chance in ending democracy in this country by banning popular opposition candidates from running — just like they do in China.

“They are actually very close,” Cawthorn said. “The North Carolina State Board of Elections, a panel of five people, is asserting that they have the ability to bar 740,000-plus Americans from my district from being able to elect me and send me to Washington.”

A group of challengers recently filed a complaint with the NCSBE alleging that Rep. Cawthorn “does not meet the federal constitutional requirements for a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives and is therefore ineligible to be a candidate for such office.”

The group claimed that the congressman engaged in “insurrection or rebellion” against the United States on January 6th and therefore was disqualified to be a Member of Congress under the US Constitution.

According to a statement provided to The Gateway Pundit, Rep. Cawthorn vigorously denies that he “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” against the United States, and his suit seeks to enjoin the NCSBE from “employing unconstitutional provisions of North Carolina election law to remove him from the ballot as a Candidate.’

“Under North Carolina law, a Challenger can challenge someone’s qualifications to run for office based only on reasonable suspicion or belief that the facts stated disqualify the Candidate from running for office and then the Candidate bears the burden of proof to show that he is qualified to run for office. This burden-shifting turns our legal system on its head, requiring someone prove his ‘innocence’ when challenged,” his office said in the statement.

Therefore, Rep. Cawthorn is arguing that the Challenge Statute violates his First Amendment rights by triggering a government investigation based solely upon a Challenger’s “reasonable suspicion;” violates his Due Process rights under the Fourteenth Amendment by shifting the burden of proof onto him to prove he didn’t engage in an “insurrection or rebellion;” is unconstitutional because it overrides the U.S. House of Representative’s exclusive power to determine the qualifications for its Members; and violates federal law because the “disqualification clause,” Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment no longer applies to current Congressional Members, because of the Amnesty Act of 1872.

“Running for office is not only a great privilege, it is a right protected under the Constitution,” said Rep. Cawthorn in a statement provided to TGP. “I love this country and have never engaged in, or would ever engage in, an insurrection against the United States. Regardless of this fact, the Disqualification clause and North Carolina’s Challenge Statute is being used as a weapon by liberal Democrats to attempt to defeat our democracy by having state bureaucrats, rather than the People, choose who will represent North Carolina in Congress. I’m defending not only my rights, but the right of the People to democratically elect their representatives.”

Rep. Cawthorn’s lawyer added that the people of North Carolina should be able to choose who represents them.

“North Carolina’s law is unjust and unconstitutional as applied to Rep. Cawthorn,” said James Bopp, Jr., of The Bopp Law Firm, lead counsel for Rep. Cawthorn. “The Challenge Statute violates fundamental principles of rights to free speech, due process, and federal law. Requiring someone to prove he didn’t do something based upon the barest of ‘suspicions’ is patently unfair and unconstitutional. But more fundamentally, the People should decide who represents them, no state bureaucrats in Raleigh.”

“But ominously, this is not an isolated effort,” said Bopp. “Marc Elias, the Democrat lawyer behind the Trump Russia hoax, announced a few months ago a nation-wide effort to disqualify about two dozen Republican Members of Congress under this bizarre legal theory. Rep. Cawthorn is just the tip of Elias’ spear. Of course, this would mean that some two dozen Democrats might be running without a Republican nominee, cementing Democrats’ control of Congress. This decidable effort needs to be stopped here and now and Rep. Cawthorn has pledged to do everything necessary to do so.”

The complaint and related Preliminary Injunction Memorandum is available on The Bopp Law Firm, PC’s website here.


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