WATCH: Fed Up Virginia Mother Rips Apart School Board for ‘Segregating Children’ Based on Vaccine Status, Despite Requiring Masks

A Virginia’s mother’s incredible speech picking apart hypocrisy from the Prince William County School Board has gone viral on social media.

The mother, Merianne Jenson, ripped into the school officials for pushing “political theater” and segregating children based on their vaccine status.

“Unfortunately, politics leads us to believe there is only one solution. Masks,” Jensen said. She noted that when other schools ended their mask mandates “there were not child coffins lined up as some educators in this county suggested would be the case. In fact, things have been going pretty much as normal.”

“Kids are getting sick despite wearing masks,” Jenson continued. “We are forcing healthy children home for ‘exposure’ despite them wearing masks. And we are segregating children by vaccination status and religious exemption status despite the wearing of masks.”

“So I ask you, if masks work, why don’t they?” she said.

Other parents in the audience cheered in a massive show of support for her sentiments.

“I’d now like to cover the facts. Not policy as determined by the White House. Not CDC recommendations, which I remind you is still policy — policy, I might add, that changes by the day without any basis in science at all,” the mother continued.

Jenson pointed out that of the 49,000 children in the U.S. who have died since the start of the pandemic, only 331 of those deaths were “COVID-related.”

“We play politics with kids faces by placing restrictive fabrics over their noses and mouths,” she continued. “This is asinine. This is blatant political theater, and it needs to end.”

Additionally, the mother reminded everyone that the superintendent previously claimed that their hands were tied by the previous governor’s orders, and therefore they had to enforce a mask mandate. However, the district has not ended the mandate under Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s order that lifted them.


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