OUTRAGEOUS: 14 Out of 22 Missouri Republican Senators Join Democrats to Defeat 7-1 Redistricting Map – What’s Going On? …Update: Culprits Named

In Missouri,Senate Republicans turned down an attempt to create a map of Congressional districts that would place the state in a 7-1 Republican lead.  14 Republicans joined all the Democrats to defeat the bill. 

We reported on this previously, in Missouri the Republicans created a map that benefits the Democrat Party in this year’s redistricting effort.  In Missouri where President Trump won the 2020 Election by nearly 20%, the state is now redistricting its Congressional districts.  This effort has been secretive. RINOs in the state are attempting to push through the redistricting as quickly as possible that favors Democrats.

UPDATE on Disgraceful Missouri Redistricting Map: Sen. Bob Onder Drops the Bomb on RINO Attempt to Steal Seats for Democrats (VIDEO)

While Republicans in several states including Missouri are gifting Congressional seats to Democrats, the Dems are vicious in their attempts to build maps that give them every possible seat imaginable in blue states.

“And the Old Broken-Down Crow Mitch McConnell Sits Back and Does Nothing” – President Trump Releases Statement on GOP Getting Screwed in Redistricting

Today a vote was held on Senator Bill Eigel’s effort to put together a map that benefitted the Republican Party in the state.  The vote was defeated after 14 RINOs joined with the Dems to turn down a plan that best benefits the Republican Party.

Here’s the vote tally.

The debate continued into Monday night and there was no indication that something would be completed by the end of the night.  STL Today reports:

No pact was in sight Monday night. Sen. Mike Bernskoetter, R-Jefferson City, introduced the House map for debate Monday evening, saying it was drawn to meet constitutional requirements and that it “appropriately” and “fairly” represented Missourians.

The map maintains two heavily Democratic seats covering the state’s two largest metropolitan areas — St. Louis and Kansas City. It draws up five mostly rural GOP districts and one mostly suburban St. Louis-area seat Republicans believe incumbent Rep. Ann Wagner, R-Ballwin, will win.

As of 8:45 p.m. Monday, the hard-liners were still holding off a vote on the House map. Onder read from the Declaration of Independence. He made numerous “quorum calls” — forcing senators to the floor from their offices — another stalling tactic.

“I just cannot tell you how disappointed I am in Republicans in this building,” Onder said.

UPDATE: Senator Bob Onder pointed to two Missouri Republicans this morning who supported the disgraceful map.

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