Tucker Carlson and Rep. Troy Nehls SHRED Pelosi’s “Weaponization” of Capitol Hill Police – CPD “Has Become a Secret Police Force that Acts on Behalf of The Democratic Party” – (VIDEO)

Earlier this week, GOP Rep. Troy Nehls revealed that Capitol Hill police, dressed as construction workers, broke into his office during the November break. While inside, the officers took photos of the Texas congressman’s office, and then came back two days later to question and harass his staff using the illegal photos they took.

It’s like Watergate but in the daylight.

Capitol Police Dressed Like Construction Workers Break into GOP Rep’s Office – Photograph Confidential Documents and Harass Staff

On Wednesday, Rep. Nelhs joined Tucker Carlson to discuss the shocking incident, putting the blame squarely where it belongs – on the overseer of all Capitol Hill Police actions, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

During the segment, Nehls provided more details about what actually happened back in November and gave his two cents on why Pelosi was targeting him specifically. According to him, it’s no surprise, the democrats want to silence anyone with a dissenting opinion or who dares disagree with them – and they’re willing to weaponize federal law enforcement agencies to accomplish that task.

Nehls called the investigation, which he confirmed was a criminal inquiry into his actions, “absolutely ludicrous.”

“Absolutely silly. Absolutely ludicrous. Why [was] the Capitol Police inside my office investigating me? And I was under criminal investigation. The chief of [Capitol Hill] police, Manger, he’s downplaying this, but I’m telling you, they’re coming after anyone that has a dissenting point of view [and] anybody that doesn’t agree with them.”

After giving a brief explainer of what happened to Nehls, Tucker absolutely shredded the unbelievable “weaponization” of law enforcement to spy on Republicans and called out the Capitol Hill police for morphing into “a Secret Police Force that Acts on Behalf of The Democratic Party” under Pelosi’s and Biden’s leadership. Tucker then welcomes on Nehls to provide his side of the story, asking him: “why you think this happened and why were they in your office?”

The reasons are very clear, according to Nelhs, they want to find dirt that will defame and destroy him:

“I think it’s very clear, Leader McCarthy selected me to be one of the five to be on the select committee, looking into January 6th, and I’ve been a very vocal critic of January 6th – specifically the Capitol Police, the leadership of the capitol police, [and] the [CPD] intelligence section – I’ve been very vocal about it.

All of the intelligence was there, it was glaring to them; it was in their face that we knew the Capitol was the target for January 6th. We knew that there were maps that were scattered throughout the whole city about the tunnels on January 6th. So all the intelligence was there, they knew the extremist groups were going to be there, and they did nothing with it.

I’ve exposed this and I’ve been very vocal about it… Even about the death of Ashli Babbitt and questioning why lieutenant Byrd’s investigation did not go to a grand jury, so this really doesn’t surprise me quite honestly. I’m being targeted right now and I believe that Nancy Pelosi is weaponizing the US Capitol Police to investigate me, to try to silence me, [to] intimidate me, and, quite honestly, to destroy me.”

Tucker responds by calling the entire situation “totally third world and crazy.” He then points out the unbelievable claims of the CPD, who said they were looking into Nehls in order to protect him – which makes little sense, especially because Nehls is the sitting congress member, and he was never informed about the investigation.

After Nehls provided a play-by-play rundown of the incident and pointed out that if this violation of rights can happen to a sitting member of congress – it can happen to anyone, Tucker calls on the congressman to “get every one of these cretins fired.”

“This is making my heart beat faster. This is the red line that you can’t tolerate in a free society. You can not use federal law enforcement agencies to go after your political enemies, period. I hope you get every one of these cretins fired.



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