Cook Children’s Medical Center Reportedly Denies Teenager’s Life-Saving Kidney Transplant Because He Is Unvaccinated

In one of the most shocking examples of vaccine-based medical segregation to date, a teenage boy was denied a life-saving kidney transplant by Cook Children’s Medical Center earlier this month, according to reports.

North Texas high schooler Doss Haugen, who is experiencing kidney failure for the second time, was allegedly rejected by the Cook Children’s Hospital Transplant Committee because he wasn’t vaccinated against COVID-19.

Haugen has been in kidney failure for almost 2 years and it was recommended by his doctor that he undergo the procedure for a new kidney all the way back in May 2021. The teen even meets all of the requirements in order to be eligible to receive the transplant but is unable to receive the care he needs at Cook Children’s.

From the Texas Scorecard:

“Cook Children’s Hospital has always been a fixture in Doss’ life. At the age of 1, his mother, Kristen, donated a kidney to her son and he underwent a kidney transplant. Now, Doss is in kidney failure once again. 

Although Doss meets all of the health, social, and familial qualifications for receiving a transplant, Cook Children’s transplant committee is denying him based on his family’s refusal to risk using an experimental coronavirus vaccine on their son—whose own blood filtration system is already failing.”

The transplant committee’s inexcusable decision wasn’t a quick one either. Prior to his eventual denial, Haugen was subject to a grueling array of tests, including “blood work, sonograms, MRIs, heart tests, and infectious disease testing,” according to the Texas Scorecard.

His parents – Kristen and Eddie – also had to meet with the hospital’s transplant coordinator, who pressured them into vaccinating their son without discussing his condition or the risks involved.

Kirsten Haugen explained to the Texas Scorecard:

“[They] will not and do not discuss the risks involved with the vaccine. They do not even say there are risks too. They don’t tell you that side of it. They don’t tell you that it’s experimental, which, it is experimental. Because even if it’s been approved by the FDA, there’s no long-term anything. And they do not mention that there’s [a] risk of myocarditis”.”

Despite the coordinator’s best efforts, Kirsten Haugen simply said ‘no,’ but what followed next, reportedly, is truly shocking. In response, the coordinator allegedly told her that some of the higher-ups don’t view transplants as a “patient right,” and that instead of receiving the life-saving treatment, they can just stay on “on dialysis.”

“Well, just so you know, there are people on the transplant committee that do not believe transplant is a patient right. And he can just be on dialysis.” 

Just two weeks later, Doss Haugen was informed that he would not be getting a new kidney from Cook Children’s. The transplant coordinator called Kristen to inform her of the Hospital’s decision.

From The Texas Scorecard:

“However, about two weeks later, the transplant coordinator called Kristen. Their family had just lost Eddie’s brother unexpectedly the day prior, and everyone was in shock. Amid their loss, the transplant coordinator told Kristen: 

‘Just wanted to let you [Kristen] know that the committee did decide that we’re not going to actively list any patients on the transplant list that have not been vaccinated for COVID-19. I just wanted to give you that heads up.’

Already in shock, Kristen acknowledged the coordinator and hung up. A few weeks later, Doss was officially denied the transplant due to his vaccination status.”

Doss’ parents are now looking to transfer his care to another hospital system – one without a vaccine mandate for transplant candidates.

Kristen explained her family’s mindset behind the whole ordeal. Ultimately, she rightfully says, it should be the parents who make this kind of medical decision for their children:

“We’re not anti-vax or anything like that,” said Kristen. “We’re about safe products. Our son takes all kinds of medications. Obviously, we’re not like anti-medicine or anything like that. But we decide with our doctor, with our doctors’ help, whether medications’ benefit outweighs the risk. And ultimately, we are the ones, with our son, that have to live with the decision that’s made for him. We have a responsibility to him; our conscience will not allow us to get this vaccine. And that shouldn’t mean that he doesn’t get to get a transplant.”

Unfortunately, what happened to the Haugen’s is becoming all too common these days. For the past several months, hospitals across the country have been denying medical care, including life-saving organ transplants, to unvaccinated patients.

Several examples of this horrific segregation have been exposed as of late. Most recently, an unvaccinated father needing a new heart was removed from the transplant list at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Father of Two Young Children Denied Heart Transplant for Being Unvaccinated

Unbelievably, this disgusting practice of medical segregation has now even begun to affect children.

So much for “if we save one life, it will all be worth it” – the public health measures and the vaccines appear to have never been about saving lives.


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