SHOCKING: “You Are in the Red Zone Right Now. If You Don’t Leave Right Now You Will Be Arrested!” – Ottawa Police Harassing and Arresting Citizens for Walking Down the Street (VIDEO)

On day three of Trudeau’s brutal crackdown on the Trucker convoy, his self-proclaimed jackbooted officers have become increasingly hostile towards convoy participants – and even pedestrians on the street.

Shocking video emerged on Sunday that shows a group of Ottawa Police officers harassing a woman and threatening her with arrest for daring to record a video as she walked down the street to get a coffee.

Immediately upon spotting the camera, the officer begins to get hostile.

“Why is that camera in my face right now? The officer asks angrily. “Are you here partaking [in the protest]? You are in the red zone right now.”

“I’m scared. I want to go for a coffee down there,” the pedestrian replies, pointing behind the officers.

After questioning her about where she’s from and finding out she is from Alberta, not Ottawa, the officers get visibly irritated and immediately tell her it’s “time for you to leave.”

“I can’t even go down there for a coffee?” she asks in disbelief.

“No, you are in the red zone right now. If you don’t leave right now you will be arrested,” he replies.

As the woman turns to walk away, the camera pans to show that more officers have arrived. “Grab your stuff. We will be patrolling all day. If we see you again things will be different, the partner warns.

The partner’s words cause the woman to turn around and focus the camera onto the officers again, which causes the initial officer to launch forward and forcefully rip the camera out of her hands like a lunatic.

“What did I tell you? Take your camera and get outta here!” He yells. Walk away, your phone doesn’t need to be in our faces when you’re walking away.

As she grabs the phone to leave, he appears to hold onto the phone for an extra second in order to shout “get out of here” in her face.

Absolutely shameful.



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