“A Sad, Sad Day For Canada” – Bystanders Watch in Horror as Police Arrest Elderly Convoy Participant After he Yelled Back at Them (VIDEO)

For the second time in the past week, thuggish Canadian cops were caught on camera bullying the elderly over their support of the Truckers for freedom convoy protests.

The first glaring example of this happening comes from a viral video that came out on Monday. In the clip, a 78-year-old great-grandfather was forcibly arrested and handcuffed by Ottawa police after he gave the trucker convoy a thumbs up and a honk.

Bystanders recorded the incident while they confronted the policemen over their disgusting treatment of the senior citizen.

Outrageous: Ottawa Policemen Arrest 78-Year-Old Great-Grandfather Who Meant No Harm by Honking (VIDEO)

On Sunday, a second video emerged of this type of jackbooted thuggery. In the most recent clip, a Windsor police officer can be seen speaking with an elderly man who is participating in the convoy as law enforcement attempts to clear out a protest area.

The unnamed officer is visibly annoyed with the protester, who claimed to be homeless.  After a brief, patronizing back and forth, the officer tells the man to “enjoy the sidewalk” as he ends the conversation and walks away.

Witnessing the visible disdain the officer had for the protester, people in the crowd can already be heard calling him “disgusting,” and saying “that’s deplorable.”

But what happened next was truly shocking.

The man begins jeering at the officers and shouting back at them over their authoritarianism.  The man then announces that he is “going to get a bottle of wine,” sarcastically adding “is that okay?” as he begins walking back into the parking lot.

After the man takes a few steps towards the stores, the original officer who was speaking with him engages once again, asking, “Why are you yelling at me?”

“Because you guys seem to be deaf, you don’t hear what the people are saying. You have to yell sometimes,” the man responds.

His retort apparently took things too far for the police. At that point, two other officers arrive behind the man, grabbing him by the arms to arrest him. The man is completely thrown off guard by the sudden apprehension and shouts, “Stop it, I’m going to get a bottle of water.” Nevertheless, the officers proceeded to manhandle him and force him over the hood of the car as the bystanders begin shouting at them in disgust.

“Hey, be a little bit more gentle!” one woman shouts.

“A sad, sad day in Canada,” someone else says in disbelief.

A sad, sad day, indeed.

Via Rebel News.


Rebel News has set up a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the legal defense of these brave men and women. Convoy Protesters are able to submit their tickets to offset the costs of their legal fees (link to submit tickets here). If you would like to support their fight for freedom by donating to the fund, the campaign for Trucker legal defenses can be found here.


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