Project Veritas: New Leaked Footage Exposes Diversity and Inclusion Program Pushed by Disney to “Transform Culture” (VIDEO)

Project Veritas on Thursday released leaked footage exposing the ‘diversity and inclusion’ program pushed by Disney as part of their “Expose ESPN” series.

Earlier this week Project Veritas released undercover video exposing ‘blatantly racist sh*t’ at ESPN.

The whistleblower, ESPN Studio Operator Trevor Adams, recorded undercover video and audio of several ESPN employees discussing a toxic and racist workplace.

On Thursday, leaked footage from executives at Coqual, a global non-profit think tank who claim to be “champions of equity and researchers of culture,” exposed the racist ‘diversity and inclusion’ program pushed by Disney.

The woke Coqual executives discussed ‘Latinx’ and ‘colorism’ and different skin tones within the ‘Latinx’ community.



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