PRISONER OF THE BIDEN REGIME Has Desperate Plea For Legal Help! 24 HOUR DAILY LOCKDOWNS! Denied Lawyers Visits and Calls for Refusing Covid Test!

by Kelly Wilde

Sean McHugh is a 35 year old father of four and business owner from California.  He has been held for 9 months in the DC jail without bond for participating in the rally at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

***He is currently relying on a public defender and is in DESPERATE NEED OF NEW COUNSEL.

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“After the heartbreaking suicide of fellow Politically Persecuted J6er Matthew Perna this past Friday, it is more important than ever before for us as Americans to come forward and step up to the plate to help these patriots obtain legal counsel and give them hope in there,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “Even if you can only afford $5. Men like Sean are at the mercy of these leftists public defenders who are killing their souls, trying to convince them to take sick plea deals and making them feel like there is no hope.”

***Help Sean fight his case here. 

It would also mean a lot to Sean if you follow his family as they document their Convoy for Freedom across the country on GETTR, Instagram, and Twitter @freeseanmchugh.

McHugh is accused of assault of an officer despite having no physical contact with any officers and, according to court documents, not coming within 12 feet of an officer with an unknown spray that day.

His “rowdy language” contains no threats of violence or harm according to court documents. See his court documents here. In fact, he is seen urging people to the Capitol for “peaceful protest” from a megaphone.

The government’s case relies on screenshots of McHugh holding part of a metal sign, which do not adequately support their allegations that it was used to “ram” law enforcement.

There is not one officer named as being harmed or injured on his complaint. 

Standing for freedom has its consequences. Although McHugh has been severely abused by the DC jail and has had his constitutional rights violated on many levels, his family is rallying to represent him and the rest of the Jan 6ers in the upcoming Freedom Convoy.

Here is McHugh’s firsthand account of grotesque rights abuses in a hardly recognizable America that we are all too familiar with today.

Dear Fellow Countrymen, 

My name is Sean McHugh, I am 35 years old and being held captive under duress and the threat of force. I was arrested in my hometown Auburn, CA, and indicted with 8 felonies and two misdemeanors for allegations surrounding the events that took place at our nation’s Capital on January 6th, 2021. 

I must thank Placer County Sheriff’s Department for negotiating a peaceful arrest at the Justice Center where I was taken into the FBI’s custody on May 27th, 2021. Since then I’ve visited four different jails across the country flying aboard Con-Air to my current location at the DC Gulag. 

Some have said I am a political prisoner, some have said I am being treated fairly. I’ll let you be the judge as I explain some of the facts of my treatment in a place where the Constitution might as well be written in Chinese. 

Upon my arrival to the DC GITMO I was taken to a pod named South 2 with one other J6er. We were placed on 23-hour lockdown. We were immediately targeted by the officers and 160 inmates. The officers told the inmates that we were in protective custody and that we were J6ers, knowing it would make us a target. It did not help that we were the only two white people out of 160 men. 

Immediately we learned to block our tray slot in the door with our mattresses, as it did not close and the threat of urine, feces, and semen cocktails being thrown into our cell seemed to be a popular form of attack. After complaining to lieutenants, captains, case managers and writing grievances about the conditions and treatment from other inmates and officers, practically begging to be moved to the patriot pod, things got a lot worse.

One morning around 3:30 a.m., I was finally out of my cell for 1 hour. I tried calling home and was being harassed by an inmate through the plexiglass that separates the housing area from the common area. He would not stop banging on the glass. It was so loud I could not hear the other end of the line let alone my own thoughts. He refused to go back into his cell and was threatening to beat me and stab me and things escalated quickly. Right in front of an officer the inmate pulled down his pants and started masturbating yelling that he was going to rape me. The officer just laughed and shook his head with a sadistic look in his eyes. 

Having been thoroughly disturbed and getting absolutely no relief from the officer, I ended my attempted phone call. I went back to my housing area to take a shower since I was locked away for days on end. My cell mate stood guard as it was only one door separating us from the violent inmate on the other side of the glass. Our instincts were right and I made it out of the shower in time because the officer popped the only door separating us. This was on or around August 5th.  

I’ve made numerous complaints about what happened since and it was not until February 7th, 2022, that an official investigation was initiated into that particular incident which is still open and unresolved. 

After reporting what had happened, I was moved to “the hole”, a place where you go for disciplinary segregation. They take your commissary away in “the hole” and handcuff you and lock you in the shower when it’s time to wash. They lock you up in solitary confinement which by this point I was becoming accustomed to. This jail claims there was a court order for such housing, however, my lawyer had explicitly explained to me beforehand after speaking to the jail that I was to be moved to the patriot pod C2B. That was my first experience being punished for speaking out here in the DC Gulag. I felt absolutely hopeless at that moment. I felt betrayed yet again by the very people I was told I could trust, and that were there to protect me from such degradation. 

That type of treatment and retaliation followed me to the patriot pod. Eventually my commissary stopped arriving because I was placed on (PHD) pre-hearing detention. PHD is where you lose your privileges for getting in trouble in custody as you await trial for the bad behavior or laws you broke while in custody. The trouble was, I actually never got in trouble. I would continue to speak out and write grievances that would go unanswered. Lieutenant Saunders said that I knew what I had done without any further explanation. No hearing was ever held for bad behavior. It took weeks on end to get my commissary orders again which are essential to meaningful existence. The meals the jail provides are sometimes rotten, not nutritionally balanced, and have me dizzy and sick to my stomach. The new director has actually told medical to stop providing us with multivitamins stating that if we would just eat the meals, we would not need multivitamins.

Being in the patriot pod has provided safety in numbers but not from the officers. One patriot was beaten with a flashlight so badly his skull/orbital was fractured and he is now blind in one eye. I still to this day get threats of violence from officers to come into my cell and beat me up. Other officers have told me they would get me stabbed by other inmates if given the opportunity and when I wrote a grievance about it, I got a response stating I failed to fill out the grievance properly. This is the DC GITMO where an opportunity of violence against J6ers never goes wasted. 

On Veterans Day a patriot was not wearing his mask and all hell broke loose. Lieutenant Moore took it into her own hands to start spraying OC spray after her body cam was conveniently turned off. She sprayed him 3 times running up and down the tier spraying into vents leading into the cells creating gas chambers for some. I was even sprayed for simply walking back into my cell like I was told to do. One Veteran was taken out on a stretcher that day followed by numerous others for severe respiratory conditions following this event. Happy Veterans Day! Lieutenant Moore tried to cover up her tracks by having corporal Williams claim on official paperwork that she was the one who used OC. She claimed she only sprayed a 1 second shot of OC once, her lies were covered by Major Marr and other corrupt cronies. Eventually the truth could not be denied and the US Marshalls had to investigate and my claims were substantiated. This was a small victory but a breath of fresh air no pun intended.

Our due process rights are violated consistently, it almost seems normal. The solitary confinement, no phone calls, no lawyer visits, no haircuts, no religious services, denied bible study, no visits, no video visits, no discovery, physical violence, threats of physical violence, and punishment or retaliation for speaking out often in disguise of policy. The list goes on and on. When does the constitution get followed, I wonder? What court will follow the constitution? Will it be too late? I am still on solitary confinement and was recently on 24 hour a day lockdown for weeks. No showers, no phone calls or lawyer visits lawyer calls no nothing, all because I refused a covid test. I was told verbally and in written form that I would not be locked down if I refused yet I was and others who refused the test were not. This is punishment in disguise of policy. It comes in many different shapes, sizes and forms. I have natural immunity and a functioning immune system. I trust their science as much as I trust the meals they want me to eat. It’s suspect at best. Yes, here in the DC Gulag the process is the punishment but only for the select. 

Now I am the target of “random” cell searches which is new to this pod. I am on my 6th random cell search while others are on zero. They come in and wreck your personal property, thrash your cell into oblivion, and even rifle through legal paperwork.

I will never be silent; I will never be broken and I will never give up. I place my hand over my heart every night at 9PM EST and sing the National Anthem proudly remembering a time when we were united and strong. 

I love my country; I love my fellow countrymen and I love my family. It tears me apart not being able to provide for them or protect them right now. 

All I ask of you is that you pick a battle and fight. Whether it’s a school board meeting, a county precinct, a corrupt DA, a mandate, a border, or running for office. Do not be silent. Fight for truth, fight for freedom, fight like hell, be peaceful and do not ever give up. God bless you and God bless America.

Sean McHugh
Political Prisoner 378159

*Help Sean fight his case here.

McHugh’s damning account of multiple firsthand encounters with Ray Epps will be released in a separate letter exclusively to the Gateway Pundit in the future. A comparison of McHugh and Epps allegations is enough to make any concerned citizen wonder: Why is Epps walking freely while McHugh is rotting in jail with the prospect of his business and licensure being revoked, and kept from supporting his family for almost a year?

“Sean has a heart of gold. He just wants his children to have a safe and happy life,” said his girlfriend of eight years, Amy.

We cannot let McHugh—who stood proudly for freedom—lose the opportunity for Justice because he lacks the resources to stand up to this Tyrannical Goliath. Please donate to his legal fund and share widely: Together we can stand!

** Help Sean fight his case here.


Kelly Wilde is an activist and advocate for January 6th Detainees.  She is a writer and volunteer for Citizens Against Political Persecution – check out the website  Contact Kelly with any tips or comments at [email protected]

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