Noted Pollster Warns Democrats They’re In Danger Of Losing Working Class Voters Of All Races

For years, Democrats positioned themselves as the party of the little guy, the working man, and the working class.

It was never completely true, but they were able to maintain it as part of their image.

That’s all changing now. Working people are rapidly moving to the Republican party.

One well known pollster is doing his best to sound the alarm for Democrats.

The Insider reports:

Famed pollster says the left could see an exodus of working-class voters of all races in 2022 and cautions against relying on Obama for campaigns

The Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg delivered a warning to his party on Monday, saying there’s a possibility it’s at risk of losing working-class voters of color.

“After studying working-class voters for nearly four decades, I believe the trajectory can be shifted or reversed. But there is no room for error. There is no room for fools,” Greenberg wrote in the magazine American Prospect.

Greenberg also said Democrats’ perceived strength was hurting the party, arguing against using high-profile campaign appearances by former President Barack Obama.

Obama’s rallies “helped motivate Republican voters to vote but had disappointing results for Democrats,” Greenberg wrote.

As a Yale academic, Greenberg documented the Democratic Party’s waning support among white working-class voters in Michigan’s Macomb County in the 1980s, coining the term “Reagan Democrats” to describe voters who backed John F. Kennedy in 1960 and then deserted the party, feeling it had abandoned them.

Donald Trump’s gains among Latino voters in 2020, especially in South Florida, have deeply worried other Democratic officials.

People can see this happening in real time.

We are undergoing a massive political realignment.

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