‘Not Giving Them a Choice is a Crime and Genocide’ – Canadian Army Major Sends an Urgent Message to Canadians and Calls on Military and Police Comrades to Stand Up Against Government Forced Medical Tyranny (VIDEO)

The Canadian Armed Forces is investigating an active officer from New Brunswick after he called on other military members and police comrades to stand up and protect their loved ones against government forced medical tyranny.

In a viral video, Canadian Army Major Stephen Chledowski gave a powerful speech and an urgent message to all Canadians.

Chledowski accused the Canadian government of using bullying tactics of fear, intimidation, coercion, financial and physical violence against its constituents to gain compliance for certain repeated medical procedures.

“We tell our children that bullying is wrong. We know it to be so. Yet we allow our leaders to do this to us. They have knowingly and repeatedly violated the highest laws of the land, in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as other signed international human rights agreements,” Major Stephen Chledowski said.

“Canadians have been lulled into believing that the same government who suppresses your freedoms in the name of safety, will one day just reward you back with your freedoms if you just comply to ever-changing rules and health. That, folks, is the very definition of tyranny, not democracy,” he added.

“Humans are inherently free. Kings and Queens and government cronies can’t give you your basic human rights. They are naturally yours. They can’t be given. They can’t be taken. They can only be suppressed,” he continued.

Chledowski called on the medical community to immediately halt these experimental COVID shots for children until accurate and factual data is available to the public.

“The Canadian public has a right to be able to make informed medical choices, especially for the little children. To tell them repeatedly it is safe and effective and not give them that choice is a crime and it’s also genocide,” he said.

Chledowski also called on other members of the military and police to choose their families and community.

“You chose to serve because you want to give back to your community, and instead, the government has turned your love for community and your loyalty against you, and you are now a weapon against the very people you love,” said Chledowski.

“This is why you serve and this is your moment to be a hero for your loved ones. They deserve the truth. They deserve to be protected,” he added.

According to reports, the Canadian military announced that Chledowski, who is an active member of the military based at 5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown, will be investigated and appropriate action” would be taken.

Global News reported:

Defence Department spokesman Daniel Le Bouthillier confirmed Friday morning that the military was aware of the video and that what he described as “appropriate action” would be taken.

Le Bouthillier did not say what that appropriate action might be, including whether criminal charges could be laid.

“We are investigating the incident and will be taking appropriate action,” Le Bouthillier said in a statement, which was shared with Global News.

“These are difficult and stressful times for our country and the Canadian Armed Forces is not immune to these stressors; however, a hallmark of our democracy is the principle that the military is accountable to our duly elected officials.”

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