MUST WATCH: Convoy Protesters Near Alberta Border Crossing Unite to Face Down the Police – All Link Arms, Refuse to Budge, When Officers Arrive to Begin Making Arrests (VIDEO)

Civil disobedience. This is the way.

Policing requires the public’s compliance – to a degree – and in Canada, enough people have risen up to say no more.

Following Justin Trudeau’s panicked announcement that crackdowns are looming, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) held a press conference on Friday, telling the truckers at the Milk River protest site in Alberta to clear out by 1pm, or else they would face consequences.

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According to Rebel News, Police provided little information about what the punishment for staying would be, stating only that they would be enforcing the law on anyone who remained in the area – in other words, the RCMP was casting a vague threat of arrests.

The 1PM deadline came and passed, with absolutely nobody moving, but what happened next was truly awe-inspiring. A few hours later when a sudden barrage of officers arrived to move in on the group, the convoy participants gathered together and linked arms, forming a line around the Trucks behind them.

“HOLD THE LINE.” WE AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE, they shouted. Some even began praying as the line of cops stared them down.

After about a minute, the crowd breaks out into an acapella version of “Lean on Me” to solidify their show of unity.

“Lean on me
When you’re not strong
And I’ll be your friend
I’ll help you carry on.”

The scene is a sight to behold. These brave people are heroes.


Even with the backup that consisted of tactical units and additional officers, the police were completely outmanned by the united front of protesters, making the decision to not arrest anyone a quick and easy one. All the officers could do is start handing out traffic tickets, which they gave out to every single vehicle that was parked along the highway.

While the protesters were distracted by the police line at the front, a large group of officers approached the protest from behind, marching throughout the line of vehicles in military-style formation. They recorded license plates and issued tickets as they went.

From Rebel News, which was on the scene as it all unfolded:

“The entire incident was incredibly surreal — officers in tactical gear marching rank and file down a rural highway was pure intimidation. An RCMP representative endeavored to ensure people that there would be no arrests, but their actions seem to all in attendance a show of force with the intention of scaring them away, but truckers, farmers and their supporters don’t scare easy. They stood their ground respectfully and peacefully and told the RCMP that they weren’t going anywhere.”


And the full video from Rebel News, including interviews with the protesters – also a must-watch:

Rebel News has set up a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the legal defense of these brave men and women. Convoy Protesters are able to submit their tickets to offset the costs of their legal fees (link to submit tickets here). If you would like to support their fight for freedom by donating to the fund, the campaign for Trucker legal defenses can be found here.

Canada’s tyrants are panicking because everything they have thrown at these protesters hasn’t worked. Not even the playbook of calling them racists and insurrectionists, nor the threat of arrest has gotten them to budge and more are arriving by the day. The people’s will isn’t going to be denied this time.

Hold the line, Truckers!

Honk Honk!


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