MUST SEE: Hannity and Bongino DEMOLISH Geraldo Over His Bootlicking Defense of the Biden Regime Passing Out Crack Pipes to Addicts – Completely Shut Him Down After Asking “What Would You Do if It Was Your Child?” – (VIDEO)

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On Tuesday night, Geraldo Rivera and Dan Bongino joined Fox News’ Sean Hannity to discuss the Biden Administration’s recent announcement that it is opening facilities to provide drug users a ‘safe space’ to get high, while also providing the paraphernalia – shiny new crack pipes, clean needles, etc., etc. – to support their deadly habit.

The unbelievable decision is being billed as a potential solution to the fentanyl epidemic that’s sweeping the nation, which has killed over 100,000 Americans in the last year alone. In some places, such as San Francisco, fentanyl has killed more people over the past year than Covid, even when going by the heavily manipulated count that includes people who died with the virus, not just those who died from it.

Instead of sealing the southern border to effectively limit the flow of deadly drugs into the country, the public health ‘experts’ in Biden’s regime have decided that enabling individuals to wallow in their addiction – with clean needles and pipes – will help curb the issue.

You may be asking yourself: ‘who in their right mind would support such a ridiculous and destructive plan, and how would they even justify it?’

Well, look no further than Geraldo Rivera, Fox News’ resident mustache. During the segment, in which Hannity introduced him with the preface “I’m expecting the worst about to come out of your mouth,” Geraldo defended Biden’s crackpipe plan by claiming it was necessary, because, you know, if you are against it, you are a heartless monster who doesn’t care about the lives of addicts – or as he repeatedly calls them, “junkies.”

Oh and by the way, it’s not like the government is handing out the drugs, the addicts bring their own, so it’s all good, Geraldo added.

This is the question, do junkies lives matter? We lost 100,000 Americans in the last one year to overdose deaths. Fentanyl is everywhere. It’s in all of these drugs. They [the Biden administration] opened these two pilot locations with a safe secure – where the junkies can shoot up – they’ve saved 114 lives in 6 weeks. It’s not a pretty thing, it’s awful. I hate it, and yet, what’s the option? Watching them overdose? Watching them die in the street? 

Hannity interjects, correctly pointing out that several other options have been laid out and are even in effect as law, including addiction treatment by trained drug counselors that can help these people overcome their addictions instead of enabling them to continue their downward spiral.

Geraldo continues:

“There are therapists on site, as i understand it, in the pilot locations. There are sanitary conditions. They [addicts] come in with their own drugs, [it’s] not that the government is giving them drugs. I dont like it, it’s ugly, but what i dont like worse is the 100,000 dead junkies.”

After Geraldo’s best defense of the policy, Hannity unleashes Bongino to demolish the ridiculous argument, and he did not disappoint. “Don’t worry Sean,” he quips. “Geraldo says they come in with their own drugs, so no worries, folks. As long as they’re coming in with their own drugs – that’s A-OK.”

“Geraldo, this is just juvenile,” Bongino continues. “You constantly engage in this first-order thinking stuff. You do this with immigration too, where you never ask the question: OK, and then what? So you say, ‘well it’s not compassionate if we stop people who are suffering at the border,’ and then you never say to yourself ‘what if we tell people who come in the country illegally that if you come in, we’re going to make the process [easier for you] – we’re going to facilitate it [well, what then?], he posits.

This is the Geraldo model of thinking, and in this [crackpipe defense], you’re doing it again – you’re saying: ‘well, Sean, do you want five or six junkies to die? So we should make it easier for them to do drugs – never saying, ‘OK, well then what? What happens when we make it easier to do drugs?Maybe [the inevitable result is] more people would do drugs, that’s what second-order thinking entails.”

After a brief pushback by Geraldo, which included him saying treatment has been around forever and pointing out how more Americans are dying from fentanyl than covid in some places, Bongino drops down the hammer on the self-proclaimed “Walter Cronkite of dope:”

“So, just to be clear here, you’re suggesting that because these people died of drugs – which is tragic, I don’t wish death on anyone – that we should make the drug-using process easier by giving the equipment to use drugs? There you go, the verdict is in. That makes sense to you? Like how does that make sense? [Americans are overdosing on an unprecedented scale] So, lets give them the equipment to use more drugs.”

Still unwavering in his defense of the policy, Geraldo responds by pointing, yet again, to the 114 lives saved by the pilot program – which, by the way, is hard to quantify seeing as that the same addict can O.D. multiple times, and/or will continue to put their lives in danger with continued drug use.

Seeing that the conversation is going nowhere, Hannity chimes in with a different tactic, asking Geraldo what he would do if he was in this situation because his kids were the “junkies” who needed clean supplies to get high.

“Geraldo, you’re a great parent. I know you, I know your kids, and you are a great father. That I know about you. Now, [what if] your kid comes to you and says: ‘dad, I’m smoking crack, you can’t stop me. And I’m shooting heroin, you can’t stop me. But I can’t get any clean needles. What are you going to do?

Visibly shaken by the question, Geraldo attempts to deflect, claiming he would “die” and be crying “blood” if his kids put him in that scenario because it’s a horrible dilemma.

Welcome to reality, Geraldo.

After tap dancing around for a minute and refusing to acknowledge the question, Hannity finally gets Geraldo to answer, exposing the elitist hypocrisy behind his bootlicking virtue-signaling.

I wouldn’t go out and buy clean syringes [for my own son], I would not do that.

Bingo. He has no issue with Biden enabling “junkies,” as he calls them, but the buck stops with his own children. Once again, the people behind these destructive policies, like handing out needles and crackpipes to addicts, believe they should only be used on the ‘plebs’ that they view themselves as better than.

Watch the heated exchange below, video via the Post Millennial:

When these clowns claim “it’s all about saving lives” and slander those who don’t support their destructive agenda as heartless monsters who “don’t care about people dying,” don’t fall for the lies. It’s all about control.

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