Adam Kinzinger Gets Punked Again – More Misinformation Coming from the Ukraine Front

We’ve reported on various stories coming out of Ukraine that are misinformation.  We have identified more misinformation and another tweet from Adam Kinzinger that is ‘Fake News’. 

We reported on the “Ghost of Kiev” and the fact that the whole story was garbage.  We also reported that Rep. Adam Kinzinger from the Jan 6 witch hunt retweeted it.

Dem Congressman Falsely Claims To CNN Sutherland Springs Gunman Is Sam Hyde — A Famous Internet Hoax (VIDEO)

Now we have identified more garbage coming from Ukraine and another tweet from Kinzinger that is ‘Fake News’.  In Kinzinger’s latest tweet misinforming his followers, he shows a picture of some children waving at soldiers.  It’s a moving picture.

Unfortunately, the picture is from at least four years ago and perhaps six as is mentioned by Catturd2 on Twitter.

We identified the picture from 2018.

Catturd2 also warned his followers on the amount of misinformation coming out of the Ukraine – Russia conflict.  He noted the following bit of misinformation from CNN.

There are also pictures of men with AK-47s.  The guns are made from cardboard, however.

What really is going on with Ukraine?  With Biden, the Russians and Ukrainians attempting to shape narratives, who only knows what the truth is?

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