Michigan Patriot Moms Launch GiveSendGo Campaign to Pay for Food in Support for Freedom Convoy Truckers on Ambassador Bridge

A group of patriotic moms is organizing a fundraising campaign to support our truckers who are fighting for our freedom at Ambassador Bridge. The proceeds will be used to pay for food and other necessities for our patriotic drivers to all Canada – Michigan ports of entry.


My name is Holly Spalding and I am just a Michigan Mom that wants to help fight the tyranny of these masks & vaccine mandates! I have been following the #Truckersforfreedom in Ottawa and I recently heard that the Canadian truckers had shut down the Ambassador Bridge and other border crossings into Canada. I texted all my political friends and told them we need to support the truckers. If not us, who? I went to GiveSendGo and set up an account for the truckers; TRUCKERS FOR FREEDOM MICHIGAN! I then went to my small local bank and opened an account just for this fundraiser.

I contacted Gary’s Catering (owner gave permission to publicly use name) to find out how we could feed these truckers. Greg Getter is willing to send his trucks, loaded with food, to the border and I am raising money to pay for the food. We are working together to get food to all CA/MI ports of entry. We The People have the power and this is our opportunity to take back our countries peacefully!  I am willing to put myself out there, be responsible for every penny donated, and start the ball rolling. We need every patriot to support the #Truckersforfreedom & #TruckersForFreedomMichigan.

All donations will be recorded on paper and can be audited at any time. Again, I am just a Mom, but a Mom that was at the TCF Center in Detroit, that testified and signed an affidavit of the irregularities that occurred there. A Mom that went to DC for 3 different rallies, including 1/6. A Mom that is a Precinct Delegate and the fundraising chair for the 11th Congressional District Republican Party! But, just a Mom fighting for We The People!


I solemnly swear that all donations will go to feeding the truckers. We need more leaders to step up and help with truckers’ other needs. (ie: hotel for showers, gas, generators, other necessities. I will gladly fund any such organization after they have been fully vetted!Let’s take back our God-given rights and Freedom! Time to Dance(Dan Bongino reference).

Ports of entry for Canada/MI: How to cross from Michigan to Canada

Our demands: Vaccines & masks must be an individual’s choice, not mandatory. Currently, the unvaccinated citizens of the US cannot cross into Canada. A person’s medical choice should NEVER restrict our freedoms! To travel, work, shop, or recreational.

We need everyone to support the #Truckersforfreedom and physically go to the ports of entry. If that isn’t possible, donate and share!
I believe this demonstration will put the power firmly back into the hands of We The People, to move forward with taking back our country. Help me make it a success!




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