Mask Meltdown: School Board Member Goes BERZERK, Screams At Parent During Open Mic: “If You Don’t Wear The F*cking Mask, You Get The F*ck Outta Here!” – (VIDEO)

Tensions flared during a school board meeting in Illinois last week.

The Glenbrook South School Board is one of just a handful of schools in Illinois that have refused to comply with a judge’s order last week that instructs them to lift mask mandates for students.

The district’s decision to keep masking has caused immense backlash within the community – especially among students, who have been protesting outside several schools within the district, including Westbrook School, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and Glenbrook high school.

Parents are rightfully outraged too, so they showed up in droves to voice their displeasure at Monday’s School Board meeting. But despite being completely respectful and even wearing masks in order to have a chance to speak, the parents were met with severe hostility from the district that included a crazed meltdown from one of the members.

At one point during the open mic, a parent approached the podium, taking his mask off so he could speak. But before the man’s 2 minutes even begin, a member of the board, Joel Taub, begins mouthing off at him, which the parent clearly didn’t appreciate.

“Is he [Taub] in charge?” The man asks the moderator.

Without allowing a response, the unruly school board member fires back with a response akin to a 2-year-old: “Are you in charge, are you in charge” he parroted multiple times.

Visibly taken aback by the outburst, the parent retorts: “I’m speaking – it’s public comment!” He then turns to the moderator and says “you said at the beginning of the meeting that you would not be rude to people. We should remove him [Taub]. This is rude.”

“We will start your two minutes now, sir,” the moderator replied, but, before the man can even gather his thoughts, Taub chimes back in to continue his temper tantrum.

This is not what you promised. You said that if they don’t wear a mask they can’t speak,” Taub hissed.

In response, the parent sarcastically puts the mask over his head and says “I can wear the mask over my head if you want,” which was apparently too much for the unhinged mask tyrant.

Unable to hold back anymore, Taub goes off the deep end and begins screaming like a complete lunatic.

You can wear your mask on your f*cking ba*ls. If you don’t wear the f*cking mask then get the f*ck outta here!”

By this point, the moderator, who is frantically telling Taub “that’s enough” and to “calm down,” is forced to call a five-minute break in order to restore order.

Still not done with his meltdown, Taub continued:

“Get him the f*ck outta the room if he can’t put his f*cking mask on.”

Oof. The fact that this guy is on the board of anything, let alone one that makes decisions over the wellbeing of school children, should concern just about everyone, with or without kids.

Unfortunately, lunatics like Taub are all too prevalent in the current public school system.

Watch, via libsoftiktok:

If you are a parent of a child that goes to school in the Glenbrook South School District and are concerned about the incident, the school board can be contacted directly here.


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