Joe Biden to Welcome Potential Stasi Asset Olaf Scholz, Who Put Antifa in Charge of Homeland Security in Germany

Nancy Faeser (center) posing with Antifa 2016; she is now in charge of Homeland Security in Germany

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is visiting Joe Biden in Washington today. As a student activist, Scholz cooperated closely with the Communist East German regime against NATO, as Gateway Pundit reported. Now it emerges that his Homeland Security secretary, who wants to weaponize the Feds against conservatives, supports violent Antifa extremists.

As leader of the Young Socialists in the 1990s, Olaf Scholz visited the doomed, failing East German regime nine times, to dump on NATO and support the murderous Communists. Scholz was welcomed by Communist security head Egon Krenz, who was later found guilty of the murders of people trying to escape over the Berlin Wall.

Visiting East Berlin in 1984, Scholz was closely monitored and supported by the Stasi secret police, who praised the fact the Young Socialists “actively oppose the deployment of Pershing IIs and Cruise Missiles in Western Europe”. On the visit, Scholz also had a meeting at the “Institute for International Politics and Economics”, a front organization for the Stasi foreign espionage department HVA, noted Stasi historian Hubertus Knabe revealed.

Former German Secret Service head Hans Georg Maassen charged Olaf Scholz’s career shows all the signs of having been cultivated as an asset for the Stasi or KGB. “The Stasi maintained a dense web on West German campuses to recruit prospective agents, who were supported and maneuvered into leadership positions”, Maassen noted.

Now it was revealed that Scholz’s Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (Social Democrat), who heads the Federal Police and Homeland Security, supports violent Antifa radicals. Faeser came into office in December promising to crack down on “right-wing extremists”, which she called “the greatest danger” to Germany at the moment. Faeser threatened to fire public servants and government officials she deemed “extremist”, such as supporting the democratically elected AfD party.

According to Federal police statistics, far-left violence actually exceeds far-right violence in Germany. In 2020, there were 1092 incidents of far-right violence (up 10.75%), compared to 1526 incidents of far-left violence (up 45.06%). And both left- and right-wing violence are eclipsed by the threat of Islamist terror: In the year 2020, German authorities started 5 investigations of far-right terror, 10 of far-left terror, and 372 investigations of Islamist terror, as New Zürich newspaper reports.

When Scholz nominated Nancy Faeser as Interior Minister in December, her pro-Antifa sympathies quickly emerged. In 2016, the “Antifascist Education Initiative Main Taunus” posted a photo with her. Now it was revealed she published an essay in “Antifa” magazine as recently as July 3, 2021, complaining about threatening letters she received signed “NSU 2.0” (“National Socialist Underground”).

The prank letters sent by a crank in Berlin were used by German police as an excuse to raid the home of PI News journalist Hermann S. in 2020, a retired cop (Gateway reported). Hermann is innocent, no charges related to the letters were ever filed, but the authorities still used the PR damage to smear pro-US, pro-Israel PI News as a “threat to democracy”.

“Antifa” magazine is published by the “Nazi Victim Association/Antifascist League” (VVN/BdA), which the Bavarian Secret Service calls “the largest left-wing organization in the area of antifascism, which works with openly far-left organizations, and propagates a Communist form of antifascism, which not only strives to combat the far-right, but portrays all non-Marxist systems, including parliamentary democracy, as potentially fascist.”

AfD foreign policy spokesman Petr Bystron, whose home was attacked by 1000 violent Antifa on the eve of the German elections in September (Gateway reported), commented: “When Olaf Scholz comes to visit Joe Biden in the White House today, it will perhaps be the first time an American President knowingly receives a potential Stasi agent as Head of State. Since Joe Biden believes that “Antifa is only an idea”, maybe Scholz and his Antifa Minister Faeser can clue him in. I had 1000 of those “ideas” throwing smoke and paint bombs at my family’s house in September.”

The AfD was regularly attacked by masked Antifa hoodlums during the 2020 campaign, with few arrests ever made.





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