INSANE: “Burgers Come With a Dose of Misogyny”: ‘Vegan Feminist’ Carol Adams Claims Meat is Linked to “White Supremacism” and “Racism” During Unhinged Oxford Debate – (VIDEO)

Earlier this week, The Oxford Union hosted a debate about whether “society should move beyond meat” in favor of an all plant-based diet.

Needless to say, it was a total clown show, at least when certain speakers were given the floor. The longstanding institution has hosted debates within its halls for 190 years, and bills itself as the “world’s foremost debating society,” but now, it’s 2022, and wokeness must prevail!

During the debate, ‘vegan feminist’ author Carol Adams took things a leap too far, blasting individuals who choose to eat meat (as humans always have) for doing so because they hold a “white supremacist patriarchal worldview.”

Yes, really.

And her insanity did not stop there. For a mind-numbing twelve minutes, Adams jammed as many woke buzzwords into her unhinged speech as she could. She also slandered meat-eaters as racists, accused them of modern-day ‘colonialism,’ blamed them for perpetuating ‘gender-based structures of oppression,’ and even stated that hamburgers are ‘misogynist.’

Some of her most ridiculous statements include:

“The assumption that the best protein comes from dead corpses is a RACIST belief.

How do you know the animal would have picked you to feed off their corpse?

Your hamburger comes with a dose of misogyny.

Meat-eating is also one of the ways gender-based structures of oppression are perpetuated.

To say you care about animals is considered a sign of weakness in a world still committed to the gender binary.

Meat-eaters, like anti-abortionists, have forgotten that one quality of non-existence is not having awareness about existence

When all else fails, meat-eaters assume that animals are not our equals.”

Adams hit all the leftist talking points with this one – transphobia, racism, white supremacy, systemic, blah, bleh, barf.

Oh, and also, ‘meat apologists’ are Neo-Nazis, because, she says, they have “weaponized” eating meat, eggs, and dairy to “reclaim their wounded masculinity” by teasing liberal “soy-boy” betas.

The baseless comparisons immediately drew a reaction online, with scores of users on both sides eviscerating Adams for attempting to tie eating meat to any of the woke nonsense she claimed was responsible for it. Several iterations of ‘this is the final stage of woke’ and ‘woke final boss’ accompanied videos of her speech.

Twitter user APOCTOZ clipped together a hilarious montage of the most ridiculous moments, and as he puts it, “wokeness is off the charts with this one”:


Adam’s supporters argued that the supercut video ‘takes her words out of context,’ and you would need to watch the full clip to understand what she means – to do anything less would make you, you guessed it, a small-minded racist bigot.

Well, after watching the full clip, it still lands the exact same, if not even more insane.

Selecting just one of her incomprehensible points, Adams argues that the act of eating meat, or as she calls it “eating animal corpses,” is widely accepted because it’s “massaged by euphemistic language” – eg. hamburgers, pork, bacon, etc.

She also points out, as if she is making some sort of profound revelation, the simple fact that in order for animals to be eaten, they must be killed – therefore, somehow, your hamburger comes with a side of ‘misogyny.’

“In order to be eaten, animals must disappear as living beings, that is be killed.

They then disappear conceptually as so many forms in which we eat animal corpses are massaged by euphemistic language (like) hamburgers, steak, pork, bacon…

Even the speaker just before me talked about ‘turkeys’, he’s talking about dead butchered turkeys of whom part of their bodies will be eaten.

Meat-eaters order leg of lamb, not a baby lamb’s leg – your hamburger comes with a dose of misogyny.”

Fair enough, nobody uses the term ‘dead butchered turkeys’ to describe their thanksgiving meal, but the people who would argue for the use of that term are the same people arguing to call the butchering and mutilation of people’s otherwise healthy body parts ‘gender reassignment therapy/surgery.’ It’s preposterous to talk about destructive euphemistic language in the middle of literally attempting to redefine meat-eaters as neo-nazi transphobes, but these people only go as deep as their propagandistic hyperbole allows.

Ok, one more. As for her justification on why meat-eating has become the “reclamation of a wounded masculinity,” it just makes absolutely no sense. Adams says it’s something about meat-eating whites hating Obama, which apparently has to do with their milk-drinking diet. These are the ramblings of an insane person, but she’s the one speaking at the ‘worlds foremost debating society,’ formulating the future arguments of the elites.

Welcome to clown world.

Take a look:

“That’s why after 9/11, a focus on men as heroes and on meat-eating became part of [the] reclamation of a wounded masculinity.

When a black man was elected as US President, we saw how white this wounded masculinity was.

White supremacists weaponized eating meat, eggs, and dairy, images of milk-drinking white men, of platters groaning with meat, and the baiting of liberal men as so-called soy boys are all part of the neo-Nazi messaging.

This is their right’, the neo-Nazi say, ‘this is their identity.”


Watch the full video below:


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