Canada State Media Claims Trucker Convoy Left Ottawa Residents Suffering from “Trauma” due to “Phantom Honking” – Yes… Really

This past weekend, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau brutally swept the trucker convoy out of the streets of Ottawa, ending a weeks-long occupation that had drawn tens of thousands of protesters to the Canadian capital.

It has been almost a week since trucks occupied the city’s downtown area, and even longer since the sounds of their horns continually blared throughout the days, but some Ottawa residents are apparently being haunted by the loud sounds of the truckers everywhere they go.

One of Canada’s state-run media outlets spoke with several downtown Ottawa residents who claim to be suffering from “PTSD” because they have been hearing incessant “phantom honking” ever since the trucker convoy was forced out of the city.

In a piece titled “The trucks have left Ottawa, but ‘phantom honking’ lingers for many downtown,” CBC News’ Nicole Williams details numerous complaints from residents about the sounds of honking, horns, and other truck-related noises, both at night and during the day, despite a complete absence of trucks in downtown Ottawa.

Apparently, honking is now akin to torture and is something that will give particularly triggered snowflakes PTSD.

You can’t make this stuff up.

From CBC:

“Kevin uses one word to describe the first days of the protests in downtown Ottawa: torture.

‘Literally there was trucks right underneath me,’ said Kevin, who did not want to provide CBC a last name for fear of reprisal.  ‘It was one thing for me, but I’ve got animals. I’ve got three cats, two dogs. So yeah, it was torture.’

That ‘torture’ is the reason behind an ongoing class-action lawsuit, which sought an injunction prohibiting any participants in the convoy protest from using vehicle horns in the vicinity of downtown Ottawa.

‘When you hear that noise [Phantom Honking], it’s like, ‘Oh, are they back? Is there a road convoy coming back, right?’ said Sean Flynn, who lives about three kilometres from downtown but could still hear the horns inside his home during the protests.

‘I felt I was constantly doing these sort of double takes [because of the Phantom Honking] … it almost feels a bit re-traumatizing.’

Flynn isn’t alone. Downtown resident Zakir Virani said he hears phantom honking, too, usually at night, which keeps him awake.

‘It’s hard to explain because I think with any post-traumatic stress-induced thinking, it’s not very rational. You’re not actually hearing honking,’ he said, adding he experiences ‘constant on-edgeness’ and “fear” any time he steps outside since the protests.

‘It’s not good for anyone to feel that way.'”

Williams also spoke with a clinical psychologist who said that downtown Ottawa residents are experiencing “mild trauma” because of the ‘phantom honking.’

Liu explained that he believed the noises would be temporary, but advised that residents should seek medical help if the honking persists.

From CBC:

“Dr Peter Liu, an Ottawa-based clinical psychologist, said it’s possible people who hear phantom honking are experiencing a ‘mild trauma.’

‘These sounds become sort of embedded in mind, kind of like the way trauma leads to flashbacks,” said Liu. “Even long after this has happened, the brain is still in a hyper-vigilant state and expects more honking.’

‘It is temporary and it will always fade with time,’ Liu said of the phantom honking. In the meantime, he recommended trying to sleep in a different location, even if it’s just in another room, listening to music, or putting on white noise before bed.

If the problem continues, he said people shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to a doctor or mental health professional.”

Sure enough, this nonsense was ratioed on Twitter almost immediately, with most mocking the article as peak liberal delusion at its finest.

What a bunch of snowflakes.


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