EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Arrests 3 Individuals on Terrorism Charges Likely Linked to Patriot Front Group – But Others Were Let Go? More Proof This is Another Government Operation

After TGP reporting on another likely government-sponsored group – the Patriot Front – the DOJ stepped into action and arrested three young men for terrorist activities.  These three were joined by others who were not arrested or indicted. 

Four days ago we reported on three individuals arrested by the FBI who pleaded guilty to a plot to attack power grids in the US.  The FBI shared their arrests in a press release.

Three ‘White Supremacists’ Plead Guilty to Plot to Attack Power Grids to Start Race War: Feds

In the court filing it is reported that there were a few others who  participated in this plan to reportedly take down the US power grid [emphasis added]:

Specifics of the plan to attack power grids, however, were closely held and shared only with those members of the “Lights On” online chat group, which included COOK, FROST, SAWALL and a few others. The organizational structure of the group initially took on a cell structure, with a leader and cell members for each region of the United States where an attack was being planned. Initially, COOK was responsible for the Northeast, FROST was responsible for the Southwest, and SAWALL was responsible for the Midwest; two others, one of whom was a juvenile, were responsible for the Southeast and Northwest, respectively. Eventually, the reality of managing cells proved unrealistic and the group switched to one person attacking each targeted substation.

In addition, the filing shared this:

In furtherance of the conspiracy, FROST sought to provide several AR-47 rifles, which he had previously acquired and built himself with 80% receivers purchased online, to members of the conspiracy. SAWALL also discussed plans to assist others in obtaining weapons, to include providing financial support to FROST while he built additional rifles. During a visit to Columbus, Ohio in February 2020, FROST brought an AR-47 with no serial number, also known as a ghost gun, to COOK for use in carrying out their plan. FROST originally built the rifle in Texas, then traveled from Indiana to Columbus, Ohio to transfer it to COOK. COOK paid FROST several hundred dollars for the rifle, which was exchanged in the back of SAWALL’s truck. Later during the visit, FROST and COOK took the rifle to a shooting range to train; FROST taught COOK how to operate and shoot the rifle. Later in the investigation, the AR-47 rifle was seized from COOK during a law enforcement interaction in Tennessee.

Below is the court filing on the case.

04_-_cook_pa_0 (1) by Jim Hoft on Scribd

The actions of these individuals indicted by the FBI are similar to those of the Patriot Front that we reported on recently.  This is the group dressed in dockers carrying shields that appear to be a government-sponsored group.

“Patriot Front” Founder is 23-Year-Old Who Walked in the Tiki Torch March in Charlottesville

In the filing above, the government says the group painted “Join the Front” on a bridge:

The purpose of the meeting in Columbus, Ohio between COOK, FROST and SAWALL was in furtherance of the conspiracy. It served to provide a chance for COOK and SAWALL to meet FROST in person; for FROST to provide COOK with the firearm and to distribute the Fentanyl necklaces; as well as an opportunity for the three to talk further about logistics and propaganda for their cause. SAWALL paid for the hotel room and most other expenses on the trip for the three conspirators. Upon first arriving in Columbus, SAWALL and COOK purchased spray paint and painted a swastika flag under a bridge at a park with the caption, “Join the Front.” They later showed the graffiti to FROST, who took a picture of COOK and SAWALL with the image. There were also plans to hang propaganda posters as well as record or photograph the spray painting of a mosque and cutting down a telephone pole as part of propaganda for The Front. These plans were derailed after a traffic stop, during which SAWALL swallowed his suicide pill and ultimately survived.

Looks like the government is again creating crimes so they can arrest Americans.  Add this to the Whitmer kidnapping and the Jan 6 protests.  Would there be any white supremacist crimes without the DOJ?

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