“You Are Certainly Facing a Potentially Lengthy Term of Imprisonment” – Canadian Trucker Protester Tamara Lich Will Remain in Jail At Least 8 Days and Likely More

Tamara Lich, the woman who supported the trucker protests in Canada will not be getting out of jail soon.  Even though she was charged with a crime of “mischief”, her judge says she’ll be going to prison for a long time. 

Welcome to the new Canada.  Where the government can impose mandates that steal people’s freedoms.  Then when people speak up, Trudeau’s government imposes Wartime rules so they can dictate the actions they want from their citizens.

Last week one citizen, Tamara Lich was arrested for protesting the government’s outrageous mandates put in place since the coming of the China coronavirus (COVID).  She had committed ‘mischief’.

Canadian Convoy Protest Organizers Tamara Lich, Chris Barber Arrested in Ottawa

Now the courts in Ottawa have decided to keep Ms. Lich in jail for at least another 8 days.  The judge even implied that those individuals like Ms. Lich who were involved in the trucker protests will go to prison for a long time.

The Star reports:

Tamara Lich, one of the organizers of the so-called “Freedom Convoy,” has been denied bail and will stay behind bars for at least another eight days.

Ontario Court Justice Julie Bourgeois ruled Tuesday morning that Lich poses a “substantial likelihood” of re-offending and placing public safety at risk if she is released on bail. Bourgeois also concluded Lich’s continued detention is necessary to preserve public confidence in the justice system.

Bourgeois noted Lich repeatedly urged convoy demonstrators to “hold the line” during their occupation around Parliament Hill, and stressed the severity of the accusation against her that could result in a “lengthy” prison sentence.

Lich, who was arrested on Feb. 17, is charged with counselling to commit mischief.

“I am satisfied there is evidence that your actions and participation in this offending behaviour had the result of causing or contributing to the serious impact on the physical, mental and financial health and well-being of our community,” Bourgeois told Lich in an Ottawa courtroom Tuesday morning.

“You are certainly facing a potentially lengthy term of imprisonment.”

Welcome to the New World Order. 

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