Can’t Make This Up: Biden Prepares to Deploy US Border Patrol Agents to “Assist” With Ukraine Border Crossings in Poland: Report – Meanwhile, US Southern Border Still Remains Wide Open

As Joe Biden heads off to Delaware for the weekend, the Biden administration is preparing to send US Border Patrol agents to Poland in order “to assist” with processing the wave of Ukrainian citizens who are fleeing the country following Russia’s ongoing assault.

Yes, really. Despite millions of invaders pouring across the US Southern Border since he took office, including hundreds of thousands of illegals every month, Biden is depleting our already severely understaffed Border to the frontlines of Ukraine.

On Thursday, the US Customs and Border Patrol  office of field operations sent a memo to agents asking for volunteers who were willing to deploy overseas immediately for what has been dubbed “Operation Ukraine Support.”

The memo, which was obtained exclusively by John Solomon at JustTheNews, told volunteers that they need to be for deployment “within 2-3 days” and should plan to be on assignment for approximately a month.

The volunteers will be deployed to the Poland-Ukraine border and are expected to help “facilitate travelers” who are fleeing the country, per the letter. Agents could be required to work up to 7 days a week and with “irregular” hours, but will be offered overtime pay if required.

The CBP memo also makes clear that Border Patrol Agents must either be fully vaccinated or have natural immunity from a recent infection in order to go on this assignment.

From the CBP memo:

“The Office of Field Operations is seeking volunteers to assist with the possible evacuation of U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents, and their immediate family members from Ukraine,” the memo sent to field operations executives said.

Eligible employees who volunteer for this situation may be selected to serve a temporary duty assignment in Poland to facilitate travelers for entry into the U.S., to include providing guidance and problems resolution to other government agencies.

As a mission necessity and to avoid post-arrival quarantine, volunteers must be able to provide a negative PCR test taken within 24 hours of arrival and meet one of the following conditions: fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccination” or “recovered from COVID-19 within six months prior to arrival.

Once deployed employees are expected to perform all assigned duties and may be required to work irregular shifts and schedules, up to seven days per week including holidays and weekends.”

In the last month alone, nearly 154,000 border crossers were apprehended by Border Patrol on the US Southern Border and on top of that countless more slipped through undetected.

But, now, Biden wants to act like borders exist in Ukraine? It’s laughable.

Since the beginning of his fraudulent embarrassment of a presidency, Biden has encouraged and facilitated a massive invasion of illegal voters, demolishing our own sovereignty in the process. The CBP memo even states that BP agents will “serve a temporary duty assignment in Poland to facilitate travelers for entry into the U.S.” So, in other words, “Operation Ukraine Support” is just the beginning of another mass importation of people by the America-last Biden regime.

Not a single US Border Patrol Agent should go to Poland, especially considering the Biden Regime pulled this same bogus operation in Afghanistan just six months back, which resulted in countless unvetted and dangerous individuals being shuttled to the US.  This is insanity.


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