Canada’s Minister of PUBLIC SAFETY Claims Officers Showed “Restraint” and “Professionalism” During Vicious Ottawa Protest Crackdowns This Weekend – (VIDEO)

Ottawa, CAN – Throughout the weekend, Canadian law enforcement officers terrorized and assaulted the trucker convoy protesters in order to forcibly clear them from the streets of Canada’s capital city.

As part of their efforts, Officers have used clubs, tear gas, and pepper spray; smashed windows to remove people from their cars, and even sent in the horses, which brutally trampled two people.

They were even seen shooting into the crowd with rubber bullets.

BREAKING VIDEO: Ottawa Police Shoot Rubber Bullets and Tear Gas on Peaceful Freedom Protesters

The weekend was a total horror show for the peaceful protestors. It was tyranny in its purest form.

But not according to Trudeau’s Cabinet members, like Canada’s Minister of Public Safety Marco Mendicino.

On Monday, Mendicino spoke alongside Trudeau at a press conference about today’s vote on the Emergencies Act and praised the law enforcement officers for their jackbooted thuggery.

Mendicino lauded the officers for showing, what he calls, “restraint, professionalism, and focus” when they brutalized their fellow citizens this weekend.

Oh and, according to the so-called ‘Minister of Public Safety,’ the police beating people with clubs and sticks, firing tear gas and pepper spray, using rubber bullets, clearing crowds with horses, deploying riot squads and SWAT, and placing snipers on rooftops qualifies as a “minimum use of force.”

“I believe that when you survey the conduct of law enforcement over the last number of days, what you have seen is restraint.

Take a look at the way the police carried themselves throughout the course of dealing with the illegal occupation here in Ottawa. There was a degree of professionalism and focus despite the fact that there was an emotionally charged atmosphere – despite the many provocations and intimidation and at times efforts to assault police officers – despite all of that we saw a minimum use of force.

Watch – video via True North’s Harrison Faulkner:

Mendicino may not believe the crap coming out of his mouth, but he is damn sure serious. If the horror show in Ottawa classifies as a show of “restraint” for Trudeau’s Stasi cabinet, then what does a show of force look like?

This tyranny should be condemned across the board, not praised. It’s a sad, sad day for Canada when the police, who swore an oath to the people, would act like this towards their fellow citizens.


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