BOOM! Farmers Driving Tractors Break Through Police Barricades To Join Trucker Freedom Convoy [VIDEO]

The great news keeps coming in from our neighbor to the North.

100 Percent Fed Up – Canada’s Truckers for Freedom Convoy have now been joined by farmers and tow truck drivers, who have broken through the police blockades in a show of support for the truckers’ anti-vaccine mandate movement.

The trucker convoy is now blocking the US-Canada border between Alberta and Montana as part of their protest. The police set up barricades on the highway and called in tow trucks to come and remove the semi-trucks from the highway. While the tow truck drivers did show up, instead of coming to tow the semis, they joined the protest instead!

In addition to the tow truck drivers, farmers also came to join the protest, breaking through the police barricades to join the #TruckersForFreedom movement.

See a great video of these groups joining the protest below:

According to an Ottawa local, the mayor of Ottawa called tow truck companies to come tow the semis off the streets, but all the towing companies said they have COVID.

The outpouring of support for these truckers and their movement has just been incredible. See another great video below from Rebel News, showing an overhead view of all the farmers that have joined the protest.



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