Is the Biden Gang Using the Russia-Ukraine ‘Conflict’ as a Scapegoat for High Gas Prices, Inflation and the Pending Economic Collapse?

Is the Biden gang focusing on Russia and Ukraine in order to blame this ‘conflict’ for high gas prices, inflation, and the pending collapsing economy?

The Conservative Treehouse asks if Biden’s handlers are using the Russia and Ukraine mess for the economic mess they have created.

Within the book of instructions for the ideological Chicago crew (Alinsky peeps), there are chapters on how to create off-ramps to cloud their agenda. If they need a bigger cloud, they create a bigger crisis. The crisis then becomes the cover, the justification to explain the outcomes of their agenda.

In the latest example, the White House is shifting blame for the collapsing economy, surging oil prices, massive gas price increases and overall U.S. inflation.

The manufactured crisis in Ukraine then takes on a geopolitical angle and a domestic angle.  The prior rate of inflation is now being blamed on Russia-Ukraine.

And it all is summed up in one little two-word phrase:

The economic consequences from climate change policy were always considered the biggest hurdle.  The pain that would be felt by the working-class folks, would need to be managed.  This is the reason why false justifications for economic pain are collectively pushed by media.  The media do not need to be told what to do, they already know the larger goal is pretending not to know things.

As a result, the domestic political elites are managing the pitchforks by distracting voters about the cause.  If you do not buy into their obtuse justifications, well, you then become a target – ergo, a conspiracy theorist.

Climate change policy is a tool, a means to an end.

COVID-19 policy is a tool, a means to an end.

Behind all the layers of obfuscation you find all the individual roadmaps converge onto a single path that leads to centralized control.

Inflation is at 40 year highs.

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US Debt just surpassed $30 trillion for the first time ever.

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Gas prices are as high as they were under Obama/Biden and the US is no longer energy independent.

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