Whistleblower: Military Softening Standards so Female Captain in Special Forces Who Quit Three Times Can Be First Woman to Pass

A whistleblower claims that a female Captain in the Air Force has been allowed to continue training for the Special Forces because the military wants to use her as an example that women can pass the rigorous training.  The woman quit the program three times.

A woman has been allowed to quit three times during the rigorous training to be a member of the Air Force Special Forces.  This is unheard of to date.  If and when men quit the training, they are done.  Captain  Morgan Mosby has been outed by a whistleblower for having failed, but unlike her counterparts who have failed, Captain Mosby has been allowed to move forward.

Below is the letter the TGP received from the whistleblower.

Capt Moseby Quit by Jim Hoft on Scribd


The Daily Mail reported on this situation today as well:

According to the accuser, who has remained anonymous, a female captain was given more favorable treatment than is typical under ‘societal norms’ for airmen undergoing special tactics selection and training.

Special tactics airmen, under 24th Special Operations Wing, make up the service’s ground combat forces and embed with SEALs, Army Rangers and Marine Raiders to help call in airstrikes, provide medical care and recover wounded and slain personnel.

The training is as tough as it gets with the two-year combat controller training pipeline historically seeing between 70 and 80 per cent of candidates drop out.

Personnel are to the technical and physical standards as other special operators such as Army Green Berets and Navy SEALs.

They also receive extensive training in the form of air traffic control and combat medicine in order for them to be capable of controlling a crowded airspace, call airstrikes and evacuate wounded troops from deep behind enemy lines.

Very few women have attempted the Air Force special warfare pipeline since the positions were opened to them in 2015.

Our source also provided a response from Lt. General Jim Slife to this matter.

Lt. Gen Slife also shared this:

Here is Lt. Gen Slife’s official response from our source.

Here is the second page.

The Biden/Obama gang hates America and the military.  Their operation in Afghanistan proves it.  What they are now doing to our military is slowly and yet quickly destroying it. 

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