Ex-Prison Guard Fired for January 6 Attendance: Jail in ‘Crisis’ After Political Purge of Corrections Staff

An anti-Trump sheriff who campaigned for Joe Biden and marched with Black Lives Matter, after the terrorist group vandalized his jail, is creating a crisis in Bexar County Jail, warns a former detention lieutenant who was fired from the facility over her support the former President Trump.

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A year ago, Lt. Roxanne Mathai’s life was turned upside down after leaving the nation’s Capital.

She received permission from her supervisor to attend the Stop The Steal rally on January 6, but as soon as she returned to Texas she was placed on administrative leave after working in the Bexar County Jail for over a decade.

Sheriff Javier Salazar, who vigorously campaigned for Joe Biden prior to the Capitol Hill riot, claimed Mathias violated the “Rules of the Bexar County Sheriffs Civil Service Commission” by protesting the fraud-ridden election in DC.

“I did go to the rally on January 6th. I did not enter the Capitol. I didn’t do anything criminal. I have no criminal charges pending. I want that out there so that everybody knows I didn’t. I didn’t hide the fact that I went, I got permission from one of my chiefs to go to Washington DC. Then I posted pictures on Facebook,” Mathai told the Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview. “[Salazar] didn’t find out I went there, I let them know what was going on.”

Violations listed on Mathai’s “notice of proposed dismissal” alleges she was engaged in “dishonesty,” “conduct unbecoming of an officer,” and “consorting with a person of Questionable Character” among other allegations.

Sherriff Salazar fired Mathai in June, but she appealed the decision. 

The case was then brought before an arbitrator that ultimately sided with Salazar and upheld Mathai’s firing on December 22.

“It’s very clear to me that it’s political bias. It has nothing to do with the fact that certain things happened there that were beyond my control. It really just has to do with the fact that I was there to support President Trump. He is a clear Biden supporter,” Mathai said.

The Democrat sheriff “marched with BLM while they were here and they came to our jail and were placing on our walls of the jail,” she continued. “Instead of charging them or any of these crimes, he instead chose to start marching with them down the streets of San Antonio.”

Salazar was also on the Biden tour bus last October when Trump supporters humiliated the Biden campaign by surrounding the bus with Make America Great Again flags as it made its way across Texas. Biden campaign staffers who were on the bus are suing several Texas residents for the embarrassment, claiming the caravan tried to run the bus off the road and violating the 1871 Ku Klux Klan Act.

Like the Biden campaign staffers, Salazar’s intolerance and vengeance against those that disagree with him politically, or dare disagree with him at all, is created a crisis in the jail system he is in charge of operating.

 “Inmates are running wild” in the jail amid a severe staff shortage, former Lt. Mathai warns: 

We’re so short in that jail – it is a complete safety hazard. It’s a dangerous zone in there. He just chooses to put his officers on leave with the intent to terminate,” she claimed. “He chooses to do this without any investigation, without any facts whatsoever, knowing that his other officers that are working in the jail or having to work a toll a 60 to 70 hours a week and overtime, because he has no other staff.

Inmates are running things. They’re in charge and if they don’t get their way, they’re just going to assault. I have rosters that reflect that they are now assigning one officer to watch every two units, 96 inmates— that puts everyone at risk.

Without enough employees to run the jail, the rate of suicide amongst inmates, who are being served rotten food in the jail, has surged.

They have rings of black mold on top of their coolers. You open up the lid of the juice coolers. There were gnats flying out of it. You know, there’s disgusting stuff all over their food. These officers are just not serving them. They’re tired. I’m not condoning not feeding the inmates by any means, but I can understand that they are just exhausted. Now, from the inmates’ point of view, they have every right to write these grievances and complain about this because it’s ridiculous.

We’re supposed to be protecting them and that’s not happening when you have so many suicides happening and then homicides on top of that, you have to wonder what is going on and what is not being done.

Correspondence between former detention Lt. Roxanne Mathai and officer at Berax County Jail.

Officers who aren’t penalized by Salazar over politics resign because they are more likely to get stabbed while sleep deprived after working overtime, Mathai argued.

That’s very scary. It is very, very scary. I don’t care how superhuman you are, there’s no officer that can watch that. With the male units, you have 64 inmates on one side, 64 on the other – so, that’s over 120 inmates that one officer is watching. Two of them have been killed by two homicides this year in the jail.”

Morale in the jail amongst employees and inmates is at an all-time low. The Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Bexar County on Wednesday compared the county jail to a sweatshop and called working conditions inhumane and an embarrassment, MYSA reports.

Instead of fixing the problem, Salazar is recruiting unlicensed teenagers who work at the San Antonio Zoo to oversee the inmates, Mathai alleged.

When these young kids come into the jail. They also quit within 30 to 60 or 90 days because they realize it’s not for them.  They are only getting a 40-hour course in our operating procedures – not trained on Texas jail standards. Not only is he making them work around inmates, but he’s also requiring them to work overtime.

He needs to resign and to step down and at least ninety-five of his officers cannot wait for the day to where he’s no longer there. They can’t wait for it. They’re absolutely miserable.

Sheriff Salazar’s office has not returned the Gateway Pundit’s request for comment at the time of this publication.

 You can support Mathai’s legal battle here

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