VIDEO: Guest on Tucker Carlson Sounds The Alarm Over Biden “Sleepwalking” the US to War With Russia – “It’s Not Just Nuts It’s Dangerous” – We’re “On the Precipice” Of Conflict Unseen Since WWII

Over his first year in office, Biden and the vengeful, unhinged leftists pulling his strings have damaged this country in many more ways than one, but their debauchery has also caused a ripple effect around the world.

Several areas of the world have been thrust into the purgatory of awaiting war to break out thanks to actions directly taken by the fraudulent Biden regime or his family’s illicit backroom business dealings. Whether it’s Taiwan, Afghanistan, Khazakstan, or Ukraine, each one of them has been directly impacted by the corruption of the Biden Crime Family.

Over the past few weeks, one conflict in particular looks as if it is on the fast track to hitting the point of no return. The complicated conflict between Russia, Ukraine, NATO, and the US has been escalating at a rapid pace, with Russia continuing to amass soldiers on the border, and the UK and US continuing to provide munitions and weapons to Ukraine covertly as both sides prep for war.

The Russians insist that NATO expansion into Ukraine poses a direct threat to their security, with Putin arguing that NATO missiles in the border country could hit the Capitol city of Moscow within just 7 minutes, or even quicker, once they have access to hypersonic weapons.

Russia has even issued an ultimatum – In the words of their Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergey Ryabkov: “For us, it’s absolutely mandatory to make sure that Ukraine never – never ever – becomes a member of NATO.”

Essentially, tensions are quickly reaching cold-war levels and the stage is being set for the bloodiest war since WWII, with the US actively fanning the flames, but, as it turns out, there is no good reason for it at all.

Instead of mitigating Russia’s concerns, the US and its NATO allies have pushed the issue and insisted that Ukraine will join on a matter of sheer principle because of an agreement made in 2008 that promised the country would someday join the alliance, and not because of any real strategic national interest.

NATO’s 2008 declaration was mostly symbolic, which is a huge reason why Ukraine has never been presented with an actual timeline for joining the alliance, but, now that Biden’s calling the shots, the warmongers are ready to let Ukraine burn over the concept that it could join – and sticking it to the Russians is the exact kind of red meat that excites the bootlickers in the media, so its a win-win.

The Biden administration has also announced that it is preparing to fight the Russians inside Ukraine with a strategy based on the template used when the US fought the Soviets in Afghanistan. The plan is to train insurgents at camps inside the surrounding NATO member states, then send them across the border to Ukraine with NATO-issued weapons.

The thesis of this strategy is that the US can help train NATO soldiers to kill Russian soldiers with impunity while its member states can launch cross-border raids using NATO-equipped foreign fighters, leaving little risk for a direct retaliation against the US.

All well and good – in theory, but what happens when the Russians escalate the situation and launch their own cross-border assaults that kill US-backed NATO forces in the surrounding countries?

Will the US stand idly by then? Or will they be in too deep at that point?

The ‘poking of the bear’ that the US has engaged in has even prompted the Russians to discuss deploying military assets to Cuba and Venezuela – a la the Cuban Missile Crisis. What comes next?

In short, American lives are being threatened even though the US has absolutely no strategic national interest whatsoever.

Tucker Carlson addressed the tense situation with Russian policy researcher Clint Erlich during his show on Wednesday. The pair sounded the alarm over the warhawks in the DC Swamp and the media who are pushing for this war to kick off hot.

According to Elrich, for Russia it’s simple – Ukraine must not join NATO, but the warmongers in the US have placed us on the precipice of the deadliest conflict since WWII.

“I would say that’s Russia’s perspective, but here we have people who are arguing that even if the Russians don’t invade Ukraine, we need to invade and kick the Russians out of Crimea – that was an op-ed from a senior Obama administration official this week.

So I would say that it’s even simpler than that, we’re dealing with our warmongers – unserious people whose policy prescriptions that could have deadly serious consequences.

They like to portray themselves as cold warriors, but the architect of America’s strategy during the Cold War – George Kennon – warned that NATO expansion could lead us towards war with Russia. And he’s been vindicated, we’re now on the precipice of that kind of conflict. So, it’s a great question. Why should we listen to these people?”

In complete agreement, Tucker follows up by asking Erlich if there is something he could be missing about the situation – perhaps some sort of compelling American interest that would be served by having Ukraine Join NATO – but unfortunately, he hasn’t missed anything.

According to Erlich, the escalation is essentially being done to “spite the Russians.” As he points out and was mentioned above, NATO doesn’t even want Ukraine to join the alliance.

No. The deeper irony is that NATO doesn’t even want Ukraine – it’s a corrupt country, it’s more of a liability than it would be a military asset – and the people who are pushing this simply argue that it needs to happen because Russia shouldn’t have a veto over who’s in NATO. In other words, even when it’s in our mutual interests to not have a state in NATO, we have to insist that they be added just to spite the Russians.

Astounded by his answer, Tucker responds by asking if Elrich – in his professional ‘assessment’ – thinks the whole situation is just completely ‘nuts.’

Nuts doesn’t come close. Elrich is “shocked” that people aren’t up in arms about this dangerous escalation, which he says is reaching Cuban Missile Crisis levels as we speak. .

Tucker, it’s not just nuts it’s dangerous. I mean we’re sleepwalking towards conflict with a country that has more than 4,000 nuclear weapons. The Russians were talking about potentially deploying strategic forces to Cuba and to Venezuela in a repeat of the Cuban Missle Crisis, and so it’s just shocking that people are not more upset about this because the lives of Americans are being threatened over a situation where we have no vital strategic national interest.

…we haven’t had war inside our country – the Russians have. They understand the reality of war and what it’s like to lose millions of people in a conflict. Somehow, our policymakers just imagine that war can never reach us – and the reality is that you and I are in danger from this conflict, Tucker. The people that we love are in danger and it’s just incredibly disturbing that this is happening.




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