Boston Marathon Terrorist Received $1,400 Covid Check While Incarcerated Thanks to Biden’s Stimulus Bill – Media Fact Checkers Forced to Eat Their Words

According to a recently released report, US federal prosecutors are seeking to reclaim a $1,400 Covid relief check from Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev after Biden’s stimulus bill made the terrorist eligible to receive the money last summer.

Once the money is reclaimed, it will reportedly go towards the $100 million owed by Tsarnaev in restitution for his victims.

Tsarnaev, who worked with his brother to carry out the terror attack, killed three people in the Boston Marathon bombings. A police officer later was shot dead by the terrorist brothers.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found guilty in all 30 charges in April 2015 and was sentenced to death, but a US Circuit Court of Appeals overturned his death penalty in 2020 because of claims of an “unfair trial.”

US Appeals Court Overturns Boston Marathon Bomber’s Death Sentence


Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and other conservatives warned that Biden’s stimulus bill would send COVID-19 stimulus checks directly to incarcerated criminals, including the worst of the worst like Tsarnaev.

“How will sending stimulus checks to murderers and rapists in prison help solve the pandemic?” Cotton tweeted at the time.

Unsurprisingly, the media and Democrats alike claimed that it was a wild conspiracy theory, with several “fact-checkers” thoroughlydebunking’ the notion as such. 

But, as it turns out – like many other ‘conspiracy theories,’ the difference between tin foil hat and fact is about 6-9 months. 

To get the money back, prosecutors will be removing it directly from Tsarnaev’s trust account, which, as of December 21, 2021, had $3,885.06 in it.

Seemingly well funded, Tsarnaev has been getting money deposited into his account throughout his time in prison, which has become more frequent since his sentencing changes, according to Boston 25 News, including:

  • The Defendant received a $1,400 COVID relief payment on June 22, 2021.

  • Between May 2016 and June 2021, the Defendant received multiple deposits from the Office of Federal Defenders of New York. The amounts varied between $40 and $250, totaling approximately $11,230.

  • Between August 2015 and August 2021, an individual residing in Indianapolis, Indiana, made monthly deposits between $30 and $60, totaling approximately $2,555.

  • Between August 2015 and December 2017, an individual residing in Bloomfield, New Jersey, made monthly deposits of $50, totaling approximately $1,450.

  • Between September 2013 and December 2018, an individual residing in Frederick, Maryland, made periodic deposits between $50 to $200, totaling approximately $950.

  • $3,486.60 from 32 other individuals.

In addition to the $1,400 courtesy of Biden, Tsarnaev has received over $21,000 in cash that has been deposited into his trust account.

Prosecutors are looking to drain the accounts of all funds so they can pay some of that restitution down.

“In light of the Defendant’s payment history and incarceration status, the United States requests that this Court enter an Order authorizing the BOP to turn over all funds, held in the Defendant’s inmate trust account, including any funds subject to an administrative hold by BOP, to the Clerk of Court as payment toward the outstanding criminal monetary penalties imposed against the Defendant.

The United States submits that the requested relief is reasonable and appropriate in this instance, especially in light of the Defendant prioritizing payments to his siblings over the victims of his crimes.”

In the end, just the simple fact that this American killing terrorist received any money at all from the US government is appalling.

Biden is a disgrace.


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