TOMMY ROBINSON TRUTH BOMBS: On His Upcoming Movie “The Rape of Britain” Fathers and Sons Rape Girls Together

Leading British Islam critic Tommy Robinson is the most politically persecuted individual in Europe for his determination to defend young English rape victims and their families in the face of ignorance and obstruction from police, media and government. He spoke to OAN’s Kara McKinney on “Tipping Point” on Jan. 17.

“When I was producing this film, my fear wasn’t from the violent Pakistani rape gangs, who are heavily involved in drugs and violence,” Tommy Robinson told OAN. “My fear was from the British state. Now that’s a sad state of affairs for a journalist in 2022. I’m not worried about what the gangs are going to do, I’m worried about what the police and the British establishment are going to do to me.”

Since founding the English Defense League in Luton in 2009 to protest the desecration of British war memorials by radical Islamists, Tommy Robinson has been arrested and put in jail, often in solitary confinement, a total of five times, for a series of misdemeanors including traveling to the US on a false passport, providing inaccurate information on his brother-in-law’s mortgage, and reading from a newspaper outside a court building. Crimes no one would go to prison for, certainly not in maximum security solitary confinement, if their name weren’t Tommy Robinson.

His real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, “Tommy Robinson” was one of the aliases he used while leading the EDL, and it stuck. All these fairly harmless facts have been used by the woke media to turn Tommy Robinson into “He Who Cannot Be Named” in the UK. Mention his name, or use his likeness on Facebook or Twitter and you will automatically get shadowbanned or suspended. Even courageous British conservative firebrands like Nigel Farage shy away from being associated with Tommy Robinson due to the successful slander campaign conducted by the British media and government.

He has been completely de-platformed from YouTube and Social Media, where he used to have a million followers on Facebook, since radical Islamist Mohammed Shafiq accused him of wanting to “behead” Muslims – with no evidence. Now, the emergence of alternate media has given Tommy a voice again. On Jan. 29, he will premiere his sensational documentary “The Rape of Britain” in Telford and online.

“Since releasing the trailer, there’s been six firebombings, two people’s houses smashed up, a woman attacked with baseball bats outside one of our survivor’s houses, and the police response has been nothing. My car was firebombed outside the hotel I was staying in.”  (Gateway Pundit reported). British media reported on the rape gang’s firebombings as if they were spontaneous combustions.

The most shocking thing was “the number of men involved”, Robinson said. “Thousands of young girls were taken, groomed, (i.e.) raped, pimped, tortured, beaten, and the police’s reason for not arresting the perpetrators was they were scared of being called racist.”

2 percent of the British population are Pakistani, Robinson said, “but responsible for 90% of gang related ‘grooming’ – which should be labeled as rape jihad.” In the first town Robinson looked at, Telford, only 1.7% of the population were Muslim. In over a thousand rape cases, the police identified 200 men involved. “Over 20 percent of the Muslim men in that town were identified as raping young English girls.”

“The only two English towns we have the numbers for are Rotherham and Telford, because the numbers are hidden. Rotherham has a 3.7 % Muslim population, we have 1400 children raped by these gangs. Telford, 1.7% (Muslim population), we have 1000 victims… And we’ve had a hundred cities identified where these gangs are operating.”

In Telford, out of 200 identified rapists, only 11 were prosecuted. “The first victim we looked at one was impregnated, we have a 100% DNA match. She gets pregnant after being gang-raped, she has an abortion, she was 13 years old, the police arrest the man, they have a 100% DNA match, matching the foetus of the baby, and he got no further action, he didn’t get prosecuted.”

When Robinson confronted the Huddersfield rapists outside court in May 2018, he was arrested for “contempt of court” and put in solitary confinement without a lawyer. “As the rapists were coming into court – and I can call them rapists because they were all convicted – I simply asked them, ‘How do you feel about your verdict?” The judge sent me to prison, and let the rapists go home. One of those rapists has never been prosecuted because he went home, packed his suitcases and flew to Pakistan. I sat in solitary confinement for 5 months for asking him how he felt about his verdict.”

“In these gangs, fathers and sons rape girls together”, Robinson explained. “When you see the arrests, they’re brothers and cousins. They share young 12 or 13-year old white English girls with their family members. There’s some mindset that’s different from any other community”, Robinson said. “If we’re not going to understand it, we’re not going to stop it.”

When victims go to the police, Robinson said, they are ignored and then intimidated by the perpetrators. Over New Years Eve, “we had to bring 40 men and relocate the family” of one of his victims, Robinson explained (Gateway reported). “The police purposely leave people in harms’ way so the cases collapse.”


Tommy Robinson will premiere “The Rape of Britain” in Telford and online on GETTR Jan. 29.

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