Supreme Court Rejects Request to Block Mask Mandates For Flights

The Supreme Court has rejected a request to stop mask mandates for air travel.

The application was filed by the father of a four-year-old autistic child, who says both he and his child have medical reasons for not being able to comply with the mask mandates.

The father’s emergency request was filed with Justice Neil Gorsuch, who sent it to the full court. It was denied without any comment or explanation.

“Joining the father-son challengers was another man, Lucas Wall, who has sought to raise money and publicity from his legal efforts targeting the federal transportation mask mandate. Chief Justice John Roberts last month unilaterally rejected a separate challenge filed by the group,” The Hill reports.

“The court’s move comes less than a week after the justices issued a split decision on another set of Biden administration pandemic mitigation measures. Last Thursday, the court voted 6-3 to block a vaccine-or-test mandate for large employers but voted 5-4 to maintain a vaccine mandate for health providers at federally funded facilities,” the report continued.

The Transportation Security Administration requires passengers to wear masks in order to comply with an executive order signed by Joe Biden.



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