“You Super-Spreaders, You Voted for Trump, Didn’t You!?” – Self-Proclaimed “Karen” GOES BERSERK As She Stalks Maskless Shoppers Around The Store (VIDEO)

Editor’s note: This video has been confirmed to be from December 2020, but had resurfaced online this week and was going viral.

A self-proclaimed mask “Karen” went berserk in a Walmart when she spotted a couple who was shopping without their faces covered.

After making initial contact and being largely ignored, the unhinged, overweight woman stalked the unmasked pair around the store as they shopped, while attempting to get others to join in on her meltdown.

“These people are not wearing masks, isn’t that rude?!” she exclaimed desperately while clapping and yelling about Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and of course Steven Colbert.

Thankfully she was unsuccessful in finding any others. In fact, one woman, who was also wearing her mask, interjected and called the masked crusader out for being rude herself.

To which she shrieked “It’s not rude! I’m mentally ill – They’re STUPID!” in reference to the maskless shoppers.

As they walked she yelled and clapped, making a complete ass of herself. At one point she even tries to ridicule the maskless shoppers by hissing “You super-spreaders, you voted for Trump, didn’t you!? Woooo! Trumpers They don’t wear masks!”



And they said mass formation psychosis isn’t real… Riiiiiiiight.


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