“I See You Are Wendy’s Puppet!” – AZ State Rep Walt Blackman and Triggered WIFE, Kristi Blackman Psycho Text TGP’s Conradson Following TGP Article on Decertification

Arizona State Representative Walt Blackman and his wife are triggered because TGP totally called Blackman out on his bs.

The Gateway Pundit reported on RINO comments made by Blackman during an interview.

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Blackman claimed that there was nothing we could do about the stolen 2020 election. “We have to look forward” and move on from the stolen 2020 election, he said.

Within minutes, Blackman contacted TGP’s Jordan Conradson attempting to walk back what he said and claiming he has been on the front lines for decertification, despite his near silence through the process.

He pointed to his voting record as proof that he isn’t a RINO but that doesn’t change what he said.

Blackman pledged to Conradson that he would post a Facebook live video to clarify his stance on decertification or nullification of the fraudulent 2020 election.  The video now appears to have been deleted but the gesture was nice.

Just a few minutes later, Walt’s wife, Kristi Blackman began repeatedly texting Conradson and continued for several hours with no response.

The Gateway Pundit doesn’t work for the Blackmans. Walt Blackman works for you.

Kristi accused TGP of not reporting the truth, then sent screenshots of Walt Blackman’s letters to the Arizona Attorney General and a letter to Arizona Senate President Karen Fann. Both letters were sent in 2020.

These letters were good for election integrity and the Arizona audit, but since 2020 we haven’t seen Blackman on the frontlines like Rep. Mark Finchem, Senator Wendy Rogers, Senator Sonny Borrelli and other election integrity heros.


Walt couldn’t handle the criticism and his wife lost it!


At one point, Kristi even attacked Conradson personally and threatened that she had a surprise coming.