REPORT: People Are Dying In the Hallways and Waiting Room At St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tucson, AZ Due To Staffing Shortages Caused By COVID Restrictions (AUDIO)

Tucson’s KNST host Garret Lewis spoke to Kathleen Winn, a Congressional candidate from Southern Arizona, to discuss the death and destruction caused by disastrous COVID restrictions.

Lewis started the show talking about Arizona Attorney General Mark “Nunchucks” Brnovich and his failure to update the public on his 2020 election investigation or talk about the Arizona audit on his cable news appearances. He also compared the state of our nation under the fraudulent Harris/Biden regime to President Trump’s historic America First presidency.

TODAY at 2 PM: AZ Legislators To Headline Election Integrity Rally Outside Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s Office

The true cause of this vaccine crisis was the real insurrection on November 3, 2020.

Kathleen joined Garret Lewis to talk about the horrific scene at the understaffed St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tucson, Arizona.

Winn: This thing that I’m about to share with you is terrifying, because it’s in my district, and it’s solvable by the politicians. Carondelet St. Joe’s is owned by Tenet Health system. They’re a level one trauma center, and they are out in the east side of Tucson and they have been losing nurses. I think they’ve lost 18 nurses in the last three weeks. So they’re at critical levels. So they should have let’s say 12 nurses on a shift they have three or four. They’ve had people dying in the halls

Lewis: so Tenet came out about a month ago, maybe three weeks ago, and said that they have decided that their employees do not have to get the COVID shot to stay. I guess they were getting so short-staffed. Yet they’re losing all kinds of people left and right?

Winn: They said that but then they continue to bully their employees. So through that process, they have lost hundreds of nurses, plus. The other thing Tenet doesn’t tell you is they’re bragging to their stockholders about all the profits they made. The government gave Tenet and other medical institutions a lot of money for COVID. That money didn’t filter down to their workers, who are on the frontline. So now you can be a traveling nurse, now you can go work in a restaurant, you can go other places and not have the stress of this job. And unfortunately, the nurses that have stayed go into work in the morning. I’ve talked to them, they cry when they get there. They cry when they go home. People that cannot physically, emotionally, mentally do their job for much longer at the critical, low levels of nursing that they have right now.

Lewis: Let’s go back to the big shocking thing. You’ve been told by people that work at St. Joseph’s Hospital here that people have literally died in the hallways like on a bed because there was nobody to care for them?

Winn: In a chair, in a restroom, I believe one woman was there to see her husband who’s still there being treated and she said she wasn’t feeling well and she sat down in a chair and no one tended to her and several hours later… And here’s the problem. Hospitals have, you know, risk management. So typically, if someone just dies randomly in your hospital, someone would investigate it. No one’s investigating this like they haven’t, no one’s come down. No one’s asked them about it. So they’re just kind of ignoring what’s happening inside their hospital.

Lewis: They don’t want the bad news out so this lady just literally collapsed in a chair and died and nobody in the hospital noticed this?

Winn: For a couple of hours.

Lewis: She was dead for a couple of hours?

Winn: Yes.

Kathleen explains how these terrible COVID-19 policies and Governor Doug Ducey’s state of emergency are actually killing people.

She told TGP that this information came from the chief trauma surgeon, the head nurse, and EMT technicians at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Hospitals across the nation are facing similar issues and some are even forced to treat patients in the hallways.

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Soon to be CD-6 Congressional candidate Kathleen Winn was told by St. Joseph’s Hospital staff that they are so short staffed that patients are dying in the waiting rooms and the hallways. And nobody is investigating this! COVID regulations are causing dangerous staffing problems leading to people dying in waiting rooms and hallways.


We reached out to Carondelet Health Network of Tucson, Arizona and we will update this post if we hear back with new information.

Concerned doctors and nurses have planned a press conference to answer questions this week. TGP will have more information as it is available.

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