Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State Threatens to Decertify Dominion Voting Machines if Machines Are Examined in Fulton County – But Investigation is of Decertified Machines!

Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State and Dominion Voting Machines don’t want cyber and IT experts to investigate their machines in Fulton County.  They threaten to decertify the machines if they are investigated.  The problem is they already decertified these machines. 

We’ve reported on the proposed investigation into Fulton County, Pennsylvania’s voting machines that have been halted by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court due to a request from the Pennsylvania Secretary of State and Dominion Voting Machines.  These two entities then provided a nearly 700-page document with their reasons for why the Fulton County investigation should be stopped.

Fulton County, Pennsylvania Responds to Secretary of State’s Request to Halt 2020 Election Investigation of Dominion Voting Machines in County

Pennsylvania Senate President Pro Tempore Jacob Corman, III, and Senator Cris Dush stepped in and requested that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court end the corrupt PA Secretary of State’s (SoS’s) emergency application to stay.

EXCLUSIVE: PA Secretary of State’s “High-Minded Talk of Election Security and Dark Conspiracies Hides a Low-Minded Political Power Play” – PA Senate President Pro Tempore Corman and Senator Dush Ask Court to End Stay on PA Election Investigation

The second argument from the Senators (p. 5) is that the SoS believes that she can decertify machines if the voting machines are inspected but these machines have already been decertified by the SoS.

Second, the Secretary makes much of Directive 1 of 2021, whereby the Department of State arrogated to itself the power to control what counties can do with electronic voting machines. But Directive 1, and the supposed problem it is designed to solve, isn’t applicable to Senator Dush’s request.  Directive 1 prohibits counties from making their voting machines accessible to third parties for inspection, and provides that violation of a county’s nondisclosure obligation will result in the machine’s decertification – and the Department is absolved of any obligation to reimburse the county for the cost of new machines to replace those that were decertified. That concern is inapplicable to this situation, however. Here, Senator Dush has asked to image the hard drives of already decertified voting machines that will not be used in future elections. Thus, the Secretary’s assertion that Directive 1 justifies overriding Senator Dush’s request for the hard drive images of already inspected and decertified voting machines is of no note

Below is the filing from the Senate President Pro Tempore Corman and Senator Dush.

PA Corman Application for Leave to File Amicus Brief by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Great argument.  How can the PA Supreme Court not agree?  How are decertified machines included in the scope of the SoS’s arguements?

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