“This is Not America Anymore”: Triggered Flight Attendants Force Man Wearing LGB/FJB Mask to Wear a Different Face Covering Because They Were “Offended” (VIDEO)

On Thursday, a man on a Spirit Airlines flight from Cleveland to Tampa Bay was harassed by several unhinged flight attendants because he was wearing a light-up ‘let’s go Brandon / FJB’ face mask.

Despite not displaying any profanity, the triggered staff forced the man to switch his mask before the plane could depart, because, as they put it, “it’s offensive” and makes them “uncomfortable.”

Yes, really.

The flight attendants baselessly claimed that political statements are not allowed, despite BLM masks and others being widely accepted. Additionally, the man was also wearing a red Trump hat and a let’s go Brandon hoodie, which he was allowed to keep uncovered – the triggered flight attendants only cared about his disgracing of the secular face mask.

The blatant hypocrisy is enough to make anyone’s head spin.

Completely flabbergasted by the demands to change his mask, the man says, “Wow, this is not America anymore,” as he is forced to comply for the sake of the flight taking off.

TikTok user @adamradogna posted a video of his horrific experience with Spirit Airlines.



@adamradogna also posted a part 2, in which he can be seen asking one of the staff to speak to a supervisor after the flight had landed, but Radogna is quickly brushed off by the visibly annoyed attendant who also claimed political statements are not allowed.

Unsurprisingly, the employee had nothing to say when politely questioned about why BLM-themed masks were allowed as opposed to Trump-inspired ones.

“What does (LGB) mean,” the attendant hissed as his only response before another unhinged staff member comes running over telling Radogna to stop recording as she angrily escorts him off of the plane.

There is no talking to these lunatics.




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