“There’s a Lot to Clean Up” – CNN’s John King After Joe Biden Predicts Russian Invasion of Ukraine During Disastrous Press Conference (VIDEO)

You know it’s bad when CNN is trashing Joe Biden’s press conference.

Joe Biden on Wednesday gave a rare solo press conference where he called on a list of pre-approved reporters.

This is Biden’s first press conference in several months and it was a total disaster.

A quick recap of Biden’s pathetic presser:

  • Biden blamed his unpopularity on Covid
  • Biden admitted he failed getting Covid tests to the public in a timely manner
  • Biden said, “I make no apologies for what I did in Afghanistan”
  • Biden gave Vladimir Putin the green light to invade Ukraine
  • Biden claimed empty shelves is a myth

Joe Biden jumbled his words and refused to take responsibility for his failures.

When a reporter asked Joe Biden about his cratering poll numbers, Biden said he ‘doesn’t believe the polls.’

He’s totally out of touch with middle America.

Dementia Joe’s comments on Russian President Vladimir Putin sent Ukrainian officials into a tailspin.

Joe Biden essentially gave a green light to Putin to enter Ukraine.

“My guess is he will move in,” Biden said of Putin invading Ukraine. “He has to do something.”

CNN’s John King said of Biden’s comments on Russian and Ukraine, “There’s a lot to clean up.”

CNN’s Dana Bash said, “Clean up on aisle State Department.”

‘Ukrainian officials in Kyiv watched in horror as Biden gave Putin a green light to invade Ukraine,’ CNN’s international correspondent said.


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