Kachelman: I Am Beyond Disgusted at Just How Quickly We’ve Been Gaslighted into a Narrative That Is. Just. Not. True.

Author’s Note” I originally published a version of this article back in January of 2021. A certain unnamed Big Tech company exerted its financial muscle over the management of the site I published it on, forcing the site to retract it. Over the past few days, the radical leftists in Congress have been promoting a “national day of remembrance” or some such, in yet another sordid attempt to make political hay out of American Patriots expressing their displeasure at a blatantly stolen Presidential election. It is published here in its entirety except for minor edits for spelling and format and to update Officer Sicknick’s cause of death.

Guest post by John Kachelman, Jr.

Enough! Enough of the gaslighting by the press.

Enough of the gaslighting by the party of slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK, want, deprivation, envy and murder of the unborn in the womb. Most especially, enough of their “Republican,” enablers, who believe they can gain political favor or DC cocktail circuit invites, by promoting blatant lies about President Trump’s rally held in Washington DC.

What is even more egregious, these lies have already become, “common knowledge.” Her Majesty and I attended church yesterday, which we do every Sunday that she manages to pry my fat fundament out of bed. As part of the warmup to the sermon, one of our Associate Pastors offered a few thoughts, along with a prayer sent to the congregations in this district by our District Bishop (abridged to save digital ink with emphasis mine)

Compassionate God, we come before you with heavy hearts. We are grieved by the violence that has, occurred in recent days in Washington, D.C. Forgive us for any ways in which our actions, attitudes and words have contributed to the divisions, polarization and distrust that abound in our country.

God of the nations, we are grateful for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. We thank you that, though our capitol building was stormed in an unprecedented way on January 6, order was restored, and Congress was able to complete its work. We pray for the peaceful transition of power in coming days.

God of comfort, we pray for the families and friends of persons who died in the chaos. We also lift up to you those who were traumatized and intimidated by what they experienced at our capitol building.

As a prelude to this prayer, our pastor gave a few introductory remarks, referring to ”unprecedented violence in our Nation’s Capital” and ”imagery not seen since 9-1-1.” Her Majesty and I, finally disgusted at this leftist contamination (the message not the messenger) of a place of worship, quietly got up and walked out. I would like to claim maturity points for not saying “Not true” in response to the pastor, but Her Majesty in one of her major roles, once again kept me from showing my large derrière in public, so I remained silent. But that didn’t stop me from sitting down and writing this.

I am beyond disgusted at just how quickly we’ve been gaslighted into a narrative that Is. Just. Not. True. Imagery reminiscent of 9-1-1?! I’m sorry. I must have failed to notice the two airplanes filled with hundreds of passengers crash into the Capitol Building, demolishing it and killing 3,000 people. That reference belittles the loss of those people that day and the thousands of Allied troops who died in order to bring the perpetrator to justice. But that’s just how it is now. False comparisons everywhere.

Stormed?! Please! Aside from a couple of bozos who broke a window to get in, I clearly saw Capitol Police opening doors for protestors to enter, while appearing to cordially chat and take selfies with them as they strolled through the building. As I’ve mentioned previously, the concerned Americans strolling through Statuary Hall, were all staying inside the velvet guide ropes, surely not the actions of a rabid mob bent on violence or chaos as promoted by the media and now my own church. Stormed? Tell that to American GIs who actually did storm “bloody Omaha” beach, that is, if you can find one. There aren’t many left.

Violence?! Yep. I saw some pushing and shoving along the barrier line. I also I understand that a few officers were treated for injuries. Let me say here–If you touch a cop in the lawful discharge of his duties, your sorry butt should go to jail. However, apart from the above, most of what I saw were protestors waving flags and getting along famously with Capitol Police. I did also see some minor property damage. Fine. That too should be punished according to law.

But in no way were the events in DC something even close to what ANTIFA/BLM have been inflicting on our cities and neighborhoods (many of them minority) for the past year. The piddly amount of property damage and injuries (yes, standard caveat, even one is too many) that occurred in DC pales when compared to the ANTIFA/BLM riots, arson, looting and outright assassination of police officers and other Americans who had the effrontery to show support for a duly elected President. Some estimates put ANTIFA/BLM property damage/destruction at over 15 billion dollars. The death toll is over 30. Side note: The fence that was rapidly put up around to protect “our betters” from their subjects immediately following the disturbance, likely cost more than the property damage inflicted by the few boneheads I mentioned earlier.

There was at least one fatality that has been confirmed as directly a result of a possibly unlawful act. That fatality was that of a U.S. Air Force Veteran who was shot by police while she was crawling through a hole in a door on her stomach and as such, absolutely no threat to anyone. My review of the stills taken at the scene, also showed law enforcement officers on her side of the door looking very relaxed as they made no effort to stop her…stop her before she was shot by another officer on the other side of the door.

The point of all of this wasn’t to rehash the events of the day. the objective is to point out just how deep the gaslighting has already gotten. The message from the media has already penetrated deep into our institutions…even to my own Church, where the hierarchy is already spouting the leftist line and asking member churches to do the same.

Starting that day as I watched the press reporting, reporting “facts” totally different than what Her Majesty and I were watching, I could tell that this was going to end up as an alternative history. Now, almost the entire country, including more than a few conservative pundits are using the leftist language, referring to the “chaos,” the “riot” and other nouns that are flat out untrue.

Let me be really clear. There was no riot in DC. There was no insurrection. There was no “storming” of the Capitol Building. There was a peaceful rally. There was a largely peaceful protest that was marred by some bad acts by a very few people. There was and is, absolutely nothing to be traumatized or intimidated by. It’s time to tell the press, the politicians and even our pastors, stop the gaslighting.

As for the two officers who died following the events of the day, one from suicide and the other from as yet to be determined causes—our heartfelt prayers.* Same goes for Air Force Veteran Ashli Babbitt who was shot under questionable circumstances by Capitol Police.

*As discussed, in this stellar piece by my colleague Albert Constantine Jr. It turns out that the leftists used every tool imaginable while enabled by the legacy media, to promote a false story that Capitol Police Officer Sicknick had died from being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. After almost 3 months of the left disseminating that falsehood far and wide, the coroner finally and quietly announced that Officer Sicknick tragically died of natural causes. RIP.


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