In Georgia RINOs Are Pushing Legislation that Gives Money to Illegal Aliens

The insanity in the Georgia GOP continues as local Republicans in the state are recommending giving millions to illegal aliens. 

We reported earlier how individuals who claim to be Republicans held top positions in the state of Georgia during the 2020 Election steal and related cover up.

We Identified RINO/Democrats in Georgia that Claim to be Republicans – How Many States Have Politicians Like This?

A reader pointed out to us that this group isn’t the only group of RINO’s in the state.  Breitbart reports on some Republicans in Georgia are pushing for the state to give money to illegal aliens.

In Georgia, the HB 999 bill is a school-choice bill that would quietly provide state K-12 education funds to illegal migrants.

Advocates are rushing to pass the bill during the state’s legislature 40-day session, which ends April 4.

The HB 999 bill would send $6,000 per child into a “consumer-directed account” for private-school tuition, allowing many parents to keep their kids out of the federal K-12 pro-diversity schools. But the bill has no requirement excluding illegal immigrants. The bill is sponsored by GOP Reps. Wes Cantrell (Ga-22), Kasey Carpenter (Ga-4), Heath Clark (Ga-147), and several Democratic legislators, according to an article on King’s website,

The bill was pushed January 28 by radio host Eric Erickson as a GOP outreach to non-white voters:

Jeb Bush’s education reforms … included robust school reforms and school choice initiatives … and [so] black families and Hispanic families shifted towards the Republican Party in the polling. So pretty big deal, and it’s insane for the GOP nationwide not to realize [if] you give parents the choice — particularly now in the the coronavirus situation —  … you give parents essentially an entitlement and then dare the Democrats to take it back. The latest state to advance this is the state of Georgia. House Bill 999 — Wes Cantrell, state representative — put has put together, get this, pay attention to this, a bipartisan, multiracial coalition. Black and white, male and female, Democratic Republican.

Erickson — who opposed Donald Trump in 2016 — invited King to comment on the bill. King said:

A lot of people will support “school choice.” Most people here in Georgia are not going to support the contents of the bill that allow direct payments from the state to accounts set up for illegal alien students, to be distributed by illegal alien parents, who are also given an opportunity to have oversight into compliance with this law. So it needs a lot of tweaks.

“I suspect through the committee process, they will work those particular issues out,” Erickson replied. “I’m fairly certain the Republicans aren’t going to fund illegal aliens going into private school, but it’s one of those issues they’re gonna have to process.”

Many polls show that many blacks, legal immigrants, and Latinos oppose illegal labor migration.

The state of Georgia must get rid of these individuals who claim to be conservative but then vote and legislate like their liberals.

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