“Even the CNN Child Predator Enablers Over There had to Admit [Biden’s Presser Was Really Bad]” – Former Newsmax Reporter Emerald Robinson Shares on Her Experience with the Nasty White House Press Corps

The lovely and courageous Emerald Robinson has a new gig now that her Newsmax deal is over.

Last night on Steve Malzberg’s “Eat The Press” at RT America, Emerald Robinson discussed her time in the White House with the nasty White House press corps as well as her departure from Newsmax.

Robinson shared in the video below:

At the beginning of video, Robinson shares that she believes that Newsmax was looking for her replacement even before her posts about COVID vaccines were used as reasons to let her go.

At the 3:07 mark in the video below:

“Little love from me by Psaki, and I hear that she actually WAS VERY PLEASED… I’D BE LEAVING THE BRIEFING ROOM…There’s a very controlled narrative, there’s a set of questions that is asked by corporate media and they’re afraid that they’d be frozen out… I WOULD OFTEN GET LAUGHED AT BY MY COLLEAGUES” for asking questions that Americans wanted asked.

At the 4:56 mark, Robinson talks about Biden’s presser that was a disaster and says:

Even the CNN pedophile enablers over there had to admit that this was very bad for the President [Biden].  He struggled to address any questions and that lines up with exactly what I’ve been hearing from White House sources, including Secret Service for months now.  That the President is really, really struggling in regards to sharpness.

At the 5:07 mark, Robinson weighs in on James Rosen, her successor’s question to Biden on his mental capabilities…”It’s actually a question I’ve been trying to ask Jen Psaki for a long time.” Says she would have asked the question differently to Biden, without the build-up that Rosen gave.

At the 6:07 mark below Robinson talks about her new gig, a 9am show to start in about 4 weeks on Mike Lindell’s new platform.

At 7:05 into the interview, Robinson shares that it is VERY SAD TO SEE OAN (her former employer) DROPPED BY DIRECTV. Says there will be more censorship, more cancellations to come.

Emerald Robinson is beautiful and fearless. 

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