Former Dem Presidential Candidate: Multiple Dems Considering Challenging Biden In 2024 — “Deference To Joe Is Dissipating”

Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is now openly saying that multiple people are considering mounting a 2024 challenge to Biden.

He cited Biden’s low approval rating and stalled agenda as reasons the challengers might be coming.

He also added, “deference to Joe is dissipating.”

Just The News reported: 

Former Democratic presidential contender and failed New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang says he’s unsure whether President Biden will be their party’s nominee in 2024.

In a post to his website this week, Yang wrote, “for a while” he has been predicting that former President Trump will once again be the GOP candidate for the presidency and that he will once again face off against Biden.

Recently, however, Yang writes that there have been “a few developments that have changed my mind,” about Biden’s ability to win the field again in 2024.

“Joe’s weakness has continued,” wrote Yang, noting Biden’s sinking approval numbers, failure to move signature pieces of legislation, and questionable ability to face off against Donald Trump.

“Deference to Joe is dissipating,” wrote Yang, who added that there appears to be hesitation from a number of significant DNC donors who are contemplating “sitting out the next cycle until they knew what/who they were backing.”

In an email, Yang pointed out that many DNC donors are getting cold feet over their support for Joe Biden.

He said a donor suggested to him that “donors were trying to find out who to coalesce around as a new candidate in 2024.”

From Yang’s email:

Second, there has been increasing unease from large DNC donors. One donor told me that several funders were openly talking about sitting out the next cycle until they knew what/who they were backing. Another suggested that donors were trying to figure out who to coalesce around as a new candidate in 2024. If donors are talking this way, they certainly have multiple candidates-in-waiting who are thinking this way.

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