Who’s Forcing the ‘Fake News’ Mainstream Media to Add Wording to 2020 Related Election Articles Stating Election Fraud Claims are ‘Baseless’, etc. While Ignoring the Truth?

Has anyone else had enough?

Since November 4th, the day after the 2020 Election, the Mainstream Media made it a point to nearly always include in articles about the 2020 Election wording that states that ‘claims that the election results are fraudulent are baseless’, etc. 

Moments ago we put up a post about a court in Pennsylvania that claims that an absentee voting Act, implemented in 2019 and in place in the 2020 Election in Pennsylvania. was unconstitutional.

BREAKING BIG: Pennsylvania Court Rules Act 77 of 2019 Unconstitutional – Mail-In Voting on Hold

In this article, we include a segment from a local report that begins as follows:

A statewide court says Pennsylvania’s expansive two-year-old mail-in voting law is unconstitutional, agreeing with challenges by Republicans who soured on mail-in voting after then-President Donald Trump began baselessly attacking it as rife with fraud in 2020′s campaign.

Notice how the highlighted verbiage is inserted?  This is a FOXNews affiliate.  In this statement, the news outlet claims President Trump (indicating that only he was upset about the stolen election, not the record-breaking 75 million Americans who voted for him) was “baselessly attacking” the fraudulent election results.

Also, notice how the author ignores the fact that this unconstitutional Act was in place in the 2020 Election adding more support to President Trump’s and Americans’ claims that ‘the 2020 Election was stolen’ are not ‘baseless’?

When you Google “Georgia Election” you see one of the first articles mentioned is from CNN regarding ‘Trump’s rhetoric’ on the 2020 Election affecting the 2022 Election.  In the article in the third paragraph, you have this:

Grubbs is one of the many GOP officials in Georgia still questioning the results of the 2020 election — and dragging those doubts into 2022 — even though there was no evidence of widespread fraud.

We just posted an article today about 2 million ballot images from the 2020 Election illegally destroyed in Georgia.  Is this not widespread fraud?

President Trump Asks Why Georgia’s Leaders Allow and Do Nothing About News that 74 Counties in Georgia Are Missing Legally Required Images from 2020 Election

It looks like nearly every election-related article in the ‘Fake News” Mainstream media has to go through some sort of far-left editing to ensure false claims that the 2020 Election was fine – the most secure election ever – are inserted into the article.

When you Google “Arizona 2020 Election Results”, one of the top stories is from the Tuscon.com discussing actions recommended in the legislature to address election fraud.  In the piece, the author states:

Officials in Maricopa County, where there were the arguments by some Republicans of irregularities, said the required hand count of the 2020 general election showed the machine count was accurate.

What this article fails to mention is that those ballots counted in Maricopa County included hundreds of thousands of questionable and likely fraudulent ballots.  The state’s results in 2020 were a horrible mess.

HERE IT IS – Full Report from Canvassing Work Completed in Arizona’s Maricopa County

We don’t expect the Mainstream Media to stop telling lies or implying things that are lies are the truth.  We just want them to know, that we all see right through their ‘fake news’ garbage reporting and that’s why they are failing and not respected at all by good Americans.

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