BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: PA Secretary of State and Dominion Bring in Election ‘Expert’ and Profiteer Ryan Macias in PA Supreme Court Filing But Macias Likely Has Little Knowledge of Work Scheduled to Take Place

The Democrats and Dominion brought into the election case in Pennsylvania Ryan Macias to provide an affidavit on something he most likely knows nothing about. Yet he appears to be their top ‘expert’ in their case. 

We’ve reported on Ryan Macias before.  He is part of the clandestine “National Task Force on Election Crisis” along with the likes of James Baker, Comey’s top attorney at the FBI.  Others involved in election activity like Jennifer Morrell from the Elections Group is also part of that group.

Top Election Operative, Ryan Macias, Who Dems Quietly Inserted into the Maricopa Audit, Is Member of Clandestine ‘National Task Force on Election Crisis’

Macias was involved with the Elections Group in Georgia and then was brought into the election audit in Arizona in 2021.   In Arizona Macias was first inserted as a member of the media to observe the actions taken in the center where the audit was taking place.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson asked Macias who he was working for and why he claimed to be a reporter in Arizona as noted in the video below.  Macias denied he worked for a media outlet.

Now the Democrats and their Deep State have brought Macias into the election machine investigation in Pennsylvania.  On Wednesday the corrupt Pennsylvania Secretary of State (SoS) and Dominion Voting Machines (Dominion) filed a reply to the County’s filing on Monday to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court related to the Democrats’ efforts to stop the investigation in Fulton County, Pennsylvania.

In a nearly 700-page filing [below] the PA SoS and Dominion shared that they believe only Ryan Macias should be allowed to touch the election machines in Fulton County in the investigation requested by the county.  Macias claims in an affidavit he provides in the filing that the election machines will be damaged during the investigation [false] and the experts weren’t experienced enough to perform the audit [also false].

Quite frankly, how can Macias even know these things with the little information he has.  In addition, in Macias’s resume in the document attached below at page 683, Macias shows no education in IT or cybersecurity.  Because of this he likely doesn’t have the skill set to make these claims.

Modern technology allows investigators to copy the information on a device or machine without damaging the machine in any way.  In addition, the team brought in to perform the investigation of the Dominion voting machines are some of the most experienced and certified cyber investigators in the country.  These individuals can investigate these machines and there will be no damage whatsoever to the machines.

In Macias’s affidavit (starting on page 675), he takes pride in the fact that he was brought into Antrim County, Michigan, and Maricopa County, Arizona to defend those states’ corrupt Soros-backed Secretary of States in the audits into their election results.  In Arizona, as noted above, Macias was inserted onto the audit floor while pretending to be a reporter which was not the case.

Macias describes his background as former Acting Director of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) Voting System Testing and Certification Program and makes it sound like a big deal.  What he’s doesn’t share until page 683 is that he held the Acting Director job for only a couple of months.  This doesn’t appear to be a high level job.

Based on his background and education it’s highly unlikely that Macias would be able to even turn on a Dominion voting machine in Fulton County, let alone investigate the machines.  He has no reported knowledge or studies in IT or Cyber.  These are specific fields that require much study and expertise.  Macias has a couple of months as an Acting Director at the EAC.

Macias’s lacks the education and experience in IT and cyber which indicates he knows very little about the work that the investigators are scheduled to perform for Fulton County.  This is a very serious matter.  The fact that Macias has previously snuck into the Maricopa election audit as a ‘reporter’ and then the fact that he claims extensive experience while an Acting Director at the EAC for two months is a real cause for concern.

(Note that I have earned the Certified Information Systems Auditor designation.  I know what it takes to achieve this designation.  Based on his resume and affidavit, Macias is lacking the skill sets necessary to perform IT and Cyber audits of election machines.)

See filing below.

PA Sos and Dominion Reply Brief by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Macias lacks the knowledge of what to do in a voting machine IT or cyber audit or investigation.  He has little on his resume in IT or cyber, let alone the integrity to report accurately what he finds. 

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