Establishment GOP PA Senate Candidate David McCormick Hosts Fundraiser With Dominion PR Rep

David McCormick, the establishment Republican Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, recently hosted a fundraiser with Dominion Voting System’s anti-Trump public relations representative Tony Fratto.

The fundraising reception was held in New York on January 24.

Fratto is a partner at Hamilton Place Strategies, a top PR firm that was hired by Dominion in December 2020.

“None of this is true about Dominion voting machines, not a single word. None of it,” Fratto wrote in a since-deleted tweet the same month the firm was hired.

McCormick, a former hedge fund CEO, was the Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs for the George W. Bush administration. He married Dina Powell, an executive at Goldman Sachs, in 2019.

“Dave McCormick has been quoted bashing populism, celebrating skilled immigration and even warning about the potential drawbacks of an ‘America First’ mindset. A former hedge fund CEO, he’s overseen more than $1 billion in investments in China,” Politico recently reported.

Of course, McCormick was highly critical of President Trump’s China policy.

McCormick was a supporter of Jeb Bush during the 2016 election. He has praised Biden, saying that he really appreciates his “tone” and previously accused Trump of being “divisive.”

He has not lived in Pennsylvania since 2005. The political hopeful has been accused of outsourcing jobs when he was CEO of a Pittsburgh company called Freemarkets, though he has denied the allegations.

“It’s also true we had a global company that was building and growing in other parts of the world. The jobs that were eliminated in Pittsburgh had nothing to do with jobs in India,” he claimed.

Dominion is suing multiple outlets that have questioned the results of the 2020 election, including the Gateway Pundit.


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