Dystopia Down Under: Amid Omicron Hysteria, Australia’s Northern Territory Announces New China-Esque Lockdown of All Unvaccinated Citizens – Going to Work and Outdoor Exercise Are No Longer Considered Essential For the Unvaxxed – (VIDEO)

Australia’s Northern Territory has officially imposed a new authoritarian lockdown on citizens who have not been ‘fully vaccinated’ against Covid-19 for the next few days as officials scramble amid fears of the highly-mild Omicron variant.

Any individual who is 16 or older and is not fully vaccinated will not be able to leave their homes until the middle of next week, even if it’s to go to work or to get exercise outdoors.

Essentially, anyone refusing the experimental jab is prohibited from making a living right now.

Capitalizing on the hysteria surrounding the rapidly-spreading, common-cold-like Omicron variant, Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner announced the lockdown, which is one of the world’s harshest yet, during a press conference on Thursday.

As justification for the decision, Gunner falsely claimed that the unvaccinated are at a “greater risk” of catching the virus and requiring hospitalization, but, unsurprisingly, this tired lie has been proven false time and again. As the Gateway Pundit and others have extensively reported, the vaccinated are just as likely, if not more so, to spread the virus or even develop severe cases that require hospitalization.

In fact, two recently released studies have concluded that the vaccines actually may end up causing “more illness than they prevent.”

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Nevertheless, the fully vaccinated will be left alone – and as for the unvaxxed? “Stay home,” Gunner clarifies.

“The fully-vaccinated can continue as they were. For people who are not vaccinated, lockdown rules will apply to everyone 16 and above. If you are not fully vaxxed, stay home. You are at greater risk of catching Covid, becoming ill, and needing hospital care.”

The only exemptions that would allow someone to leave their home are if they need to get essential goods like food or medication, to provide care to someone who cannot help themselves, or to get medical treatment, but individuals are not permitted to go more than 30 kilometers away from their homes and must stop at the closest available place to accomplish their task.

Besides segregating by vaccination status, another notable change from prior measures is the removal of outdoor exercise and going to work from the list of exemptions. According to the state’s Chief Health Officer, trivial necessities like making a living or breathing fresh air are no longer “essential” because the restriction of people’s free movement is “critical.”

Well, unless they have been a good little sheep who has taken their vaccine and complied, of course.

There are only three reasons to leave the home now, not five. Work is not a reason to leave the home for the unvaccinated. The chief health officer has also determined that restriction of movement is critical right now and that one hour of exercise for the next four days is not essential.

You may only leave home for three reasons – medical treatment, including Covid testing or vaccination – for essential goods and services, like groceries, power tokens, and medications – [and] to provide care or support to a family member or person who cannot support themselves.”

“You cannot travel more than thirty kilometers ( miles) from your home when leaving for one of the three reasons, or the nearest possible destination. If you need to go to the hospital and it is more than 30 kilometers from your home, that’s okay.

Remember, these restrictions only apply to those who are not fully vaccinated.”



The restrictions are set to expire next Monday after the weekend, but as we have seen with other countries that have rolled out tyrannical lockdowns on the unvaccinated, these kinds of extreme measures don’t tend to go away on their own.

And actually, it’s quite the contrary – they usually get much worse.


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