Direct Hit: YouTube Begins Removing Uploads of Dr. Robert Malone’s BOMBSHELL Interview With Joe Rogan From Its Platform

The now-viral episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, featuring guest Dr. Robert Malone, is officially being purged from Google-owned YouTube.
The episode was posted in full to an account not affiliated with Rogan’s podcast, but is now labeled as unwatchable because the video “violated” Youtube’s guidelines.” For now, the 3+ hour podcast, including the video, can still be found on Spotify, here.
An archive of the since-removed youtube video can be found using the way-back machine.
After this latest takedown, YouTube has now removed the Joe Rogan interviews of both Dr. Malone and the world-renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough for sounding the alarm over the tyrannical public health regime’s Covid response.
Twitter users called out YouTube for their arbitrary decision, stating the removal was because Malone challenged the current narrative surrounding COVID-19.

During the interview, Dr. Malone – the inventor of the mRNA technology that is being used in the Covid-19 vaccines – administered direct hit after direct hit against the public health tyrants while talking about vaccines, mandates, amongst other pandemic-related topics.

The interview is a must-watch.

For those who do not have the time right now to watch the full, highly-recommended podcast, The Gateway Pundit put together an overview of some of the most important topics of discussion.

Take a look:

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It’s no wonder big tech sprung into action trying to suppress the interview, especially considering Rogan experiences a  massive audience.

For context, at over 20,000,000 viewers monthly (conservatively) or 11,000,000 viewers per episode, Joe Rogan has a larger viewing audience than CNN.

Many of his viewers will be introduced to Dr. Malone for the first time, which should have big tech running scared.

YouTube removing the videos is not the only action Big Tech has taken against this information getting out. Earlier this week, Twitter permanently suspended (aka. BANNED) Dr. Malone from their platform in a seemingly shameless move to get ahead of the interview and limit Dr. Malone’s reach.

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The reasons given for the bans, if there is any explanation at all, are always arbitrary.

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But as they censor more people, especially ones as credible as Dr. Malone, it is having a counterproductive effect. More people are waking up and leaving these platforms for others that are free of woke BS and the establishment’s propaganda – a la, Getter and Truth Social (when it arrives).


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