“Our Country Has Never Felt Like This” – Full Interview of President Trump with OAN’s Christina Bobb

President Trump met with Christina Bobb from OAN and we have the entire interview here. 

We shared a piece of this interview yesterday where President Trump discussed the (communist-like) censoring of conservatives in the media and in Big Tech.

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Today we have the entire interview for you here.  President Trump says America is in the early stages of communism under Joe Biden. He sat down with One America’s Christina Bobb for this exclusive interview.

When asked about his opinion of the current administration, President Trump shared:

Well I think like everybody else’s it’s a disaster.  Our country has never felt like this.  It’s never been like this.  We’re disrespected all over the world.  We don’t have, it’s almost as though we don’t have any power left.  If you look at what’s going on in Russia with Ukrain.  If you look at China and with Taiwan.  If you look at everthing.  Iran is making threats.  They’re all making threats.

They were threatening us when I was there.  No one was going to threaten us.  And I think that a lot had to do with the Afghan withdrawl.  The way we withdrew from Afghanistan, it was so and getting out was a good thing not a bad thing but you had to keep Bagram and you had to keep your soldiers and your troops out last, not first.

Watch the entire interview below:

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