CNN Panel Paints Joe Rogan’s Millions of Listeners as Stupid Rubes (VIDEO)

It’s Sunday which means CNN is attacking Joe Rogan and calling for his highly popular podcast to be cancelled.

CNN cannot compete with Joe Rogan’s podcast so like the true Communists they are, they are calling for Rogan to be cancelled.

It’s not enough for the Cosmopolitan elitist snobs on the CNN panel to attack Rogan, so now they’re attacking Rogan’s millions of listeners.

Joe Rogan has a huge audience because people enjoy hearing different opinions.

The knives are now out for Rogan because he has invited guests such as Dr. Malone to appear on his podcast to discuss the dangers of the Covid mRNA gene therapy vaccines.

CNN’s talking potato Brian Stelter and his creepy sidekick Oliver Darcy compared Rogan’s listeners to people who make bad diet choices and eat too many Doritos.

Writer Kat Rosenfield chimed in and said Rogan’s listeners are just a bunch of rubes who aren’t enlightened.

“Here is people who, they like something that we — you know, who consider ourselves more enlightened — don’t think is good for them, we think that they’re internalizing this misinformation and using it to make bad decisions …” Rosenfield said.


Last week Biden’s Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy called for Rogan’s show to be censored.

Murthy complained that social media companies are not doing enough to ‘stop the spread’ of Covid misinformation before calling on Spotify to silence Joe Rogan.

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